NFL Playoff Picks, Week 2

Okay, so I told you last week that Sunny always wears me out in these picks. Appropriately, she ran the table, winning all four games. I split, so she has a fairly insurmountable lead at this point.

Sunny: 4-0
Jason: 2-2

In my defense, few people could’ve foreseen the Falcons’ meltdown. And even fewer could’ve predicted Tebow, although I was cheering for him. So I have to really make some hay this week.

So here we go. Here are our picks:

New Orleans at San Francisco
Sunny’s pick: Saints
Jason’s pick: Saints

No way either of us can pick against N’Awlins right now. They’re the hottest team in the league and my wife knows this. I’ll have to look for another spot where I can make up some ground.

Denver at New England
Sunny’s pick: Pats
Jason’s pick: Pats

I thought she might get caught up in all the Tebow hoopla, but again, she’s too savvy. It’s one thing to beat a battered and bruised Steeler team at home; it’s another to go cross country and face Brady and Bellichik. Pats will roll in this one.

Houston at Baltimore
Sunny’s pick: Texans
Jason’s pick: Ravens

Ahhhh, here we go. This is my chance. Although the Texans have been a nice story this year, there’s no way they win on the road with a rookie quarterback against a team like Baltimore. I’m positive about this. Which means, of course, that Baltimore will get crushed and TJ Yates will throw for 400 yards.

New York at Green Bay
Sunny’s pick: Green Bay
Jason’s pick: Green Bay

Neither of us can pick against the champs. At this point, I have to go chalk and hope the Ravens take care of business against Houston. If I have another week like I did last week I’m toast! Fingers crossed…

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2 Responses to NFL Playoff Picks, Week 2

  1. Jason says:

    Well, another 2-2 week for me, but thankfully Sunny was 1-3, so I was able to gain a game on her. Heading into conference championship week, she’s at 5-3 and I’m 4-4. Only a game back, I still have time to make up some ground. Only barely!

  2. Well, that Green Bay loss was a very unexpected loss. As a former Green Bay Resident and Green Bay Fan, It was a letdown to say the least. We were there during Farve’s superbowls and it was fun then. Lately I have been a little perturbed with how Green Bay fans have been trash talking their former quarterback that brought their team back for more glory years. I saw alot of comparisons of the two quarterbacks and how much better this new quarterback is than Farve. I find it interesting that they should have made it to the superbowl pretty effortlessly this year looking at their record but fell short in their first playoff game. Green Bay unfortunately felt they had it in the bag and that all they had to do was show up and they would win. My advice for Green Bay fans is to be thankful for what they had in the past and what they have now. They should just look forward instead of trying to say this new guy is much better etc.

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