NFL Playoff Picks, Week 3

So after two weeks, here’s the way we’re shaping up:

Sunny: 5-3 (a rough 1-3 mark last week)

Jason: 4-4 (mediocre, but I’m only a game back!)

We’re running out of games here, so I’d better make my move this week. I’m tempted to just pick the opposite of whoever Sunny picks (since she’s in the lead, she has to choose first). But I’ll probably just go with my gut and see what happens.

Baltimore at New England
Sunny’s pick: Patriots
Jason’s pick: Ravens

I’ve liked the Ravens all season. I think they’re balanced offensively. I think Ray Rice is a beast. I think Joe Flacco doesn’t lose games for you at QB. I love what their defense can do. Sure, New England puts up points PlayStation style. But have you looked at the guys they’re trotting out there on defense? Still, Sunny is all in on the Pats this year. I asked her why and she looked at me and said, “Uh, Tom Brady? Plus they’re at home.” Why do her picks always make more sense than mine? I don’t care. I’m going with the Ravens. And just for that….

New York at San Francisco
Sunny’s pick: Giants
Jason’s pick: 49ers

…I’m picking San Fran, too. Actually, I’d really like to see a Harbaugh vs. Harbaugh Super Bowl. That’d be a compelling story line. I’m sure Giants / Pats would be a killer rating, but I’m going with my gut here. The 49ers defense plays great and that means a lot come playoff time. Sunny mulled this one over, saying “That one’s tough. But I’m going with the Giants. I don’t think the 49ers have it in them to win again, even though they’re at home.” She has this theory that “a Manning has to make it to the big game.” Well, I’m hoping all the Mannings will be watching from their deluxe suite. Who would’ve thought these two teams would be playing in the NFC Championship Game? That’s crazy.

So there you go. Go big or go home. This is my week to make my move.

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