Workout Music: Compilation

Well, after asking around, I think I’ve finally compiled a pretty good playlist of workout music. I thought I’d share it here.

  1. “Everlasting Light”, The Black Keys. This has to be the first song I listen to when I get started.
  2. “Midnight City”, M83. After the Keys, you segue into some electronica-pop. It works really well.
  3. “Rock And Roll”, Led Zeppelin. Great for cardio.
  4. “E-Pro”, Beck.
  5. “Kernkraft 400 (Sports Chant Stadium Remix)”, Zombie Nation. Tip o’ the hat to running enthusiast Jane for this one.
  6. “Fresh Blood”, Eels.
  7. “Jessica”, The Allman Brothers. This is a great song for running.
  8. “Honey”, Moby. I’d forgotten about this one, but the mixes here are good background music for a run.
  9. “The Fixer”, Pearl Jam.
  10. “Short Skirt / Long Jacket”, Cake. You may also know this one as the song that plays on the intro credits on “Chuck”.
  11. “Song 2”, Blur.
  12. “Howlin’ For You”, The Black Keys. Can’t go wrong with these guys.
  13. “Intergalactic”, Beastie Boys.
  14. “Cheer Up, Boys (Your Make Up Is Running)”, Foo Fighters.
  15. “Immigrant Song”, Led Zeppelin.
  16. “What’s the Frequency, Kenneth”, R.E.M.
  17. “Smells Like Teen Spirit”, Nirvana. Classic.
  18. “Amazing”, Kanye West. I was starting to skew too “rock heavy”, so this is a nice change of pace.
  19. “Bittersweet Symphony”, Verve.
  20. “Jump”, Van Halen. An oldie, but a really, really good one.
  21. “You Better Run”, Junior Kimbrough. I may be the only person in the world who listens to an 80-year-old Mississippi blues guitarist while working out.
  22. “Radioactive”, Kings of Leon”.
  23. “Between Love and Hate”, The Strokes.
  24. “Holiday”, Vampire Weekend. Most of their songs are good for working out, this one is just my favorite.
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