Acts 9

Reading for Wednesday, April 18: Acts 9

I love this chapter. It’s Paul’s conversion story and judging by the number of times he preaches it in Acts, it’s one that never slips too far from his mind. Paul seems to realize that what happened to him on the road to Damascus transformed his life and that’s the story he constantly wants to tell.

So I thought maybe we’d do something a little different today. I’d like to ask you to share your conversion story. How did you come to Jesus? I know it’s late tonight when I’m posting this, but maybe this is a thread we can come back to several times over the course of the next day. I’d love to hear your stories, because I believe each one of us has a Gospel story to tell — whether it’s a dramatic 180 degree shift like Saul or if it’s more “ordinary” like some of us who grew up in church all our lives.

Whatever the case is, feel free to share your Jesus story. I’d love to hear them. I’ll share mine in the comments section tomorrow.

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