In light of what could be another Heat playoff failure coming to fruition tonight, I thought I’d repost my thoughts from last year on the Demonization of LeBron James. We’re seeing it repeat itself, aren’t we?

already & not yet

Remember when LeBron James was dubbed the next “Mike”, the next “Magic”?

Remember when that infectious smile and explosive ability had everyone from Nike to Gatorade clamoring for him to represent their product?

Remember kids used to wear his jersey rather than burn them?

What happened?

Well, that’s an easy one. THE DECISION happened. He “took his talents down to South Beach.” That’s what happened. And when he and Bosh and Wade walked out together with all the smoke and pyrotechnics and bravado, NBA fans everywhere recoiled from the once loveable LeBron.

In short, LeBron became the enemy.

What happened this NBA playoffs was the galvanization of the rooting interests of pretty much the entire sporting nation against the Heat. Correction: we weren’t rooting against the Heat per se; we were actively rooting against LeBron. Quick: name one of your sports buddies who was actually hoping the Heat would win…

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