MLB Playoff Predictions 2012

Well, I hoped to post this yesterday, but I didn’t have the chance. This will be brief, but here are my playoff predictions:

Yankees over O’s
Baltimore has been a great story and I really hope they can pull the upset here, but my gut tells me the Yanks advance. But believe me, I would love to be wrong about this one. CC is the best pitcher in this series and he might pitch twice. This, Yanks in five.

Tigers over A’s
Another one I hope I get wrong. But I have to think Verlander, Prince, and the AL MVP will be enough to carry Detroit. But Oakland is scrappy and I’d love to see them advance. How great would it be to have a “small market” ALCS with Baltimore and Oakland? Too bad I’m too chicken to pick it! Tigers in five.

Nats over Cards
I know. I’m a Cards fan. But the Nationals were 10 games better than us over 162. Without Strasburg, they’re definitely not as imposing. But Gio, Jordan Zimmerman and a stellar bullpen should give Washington a distinct advantage over my boys. Nats in four.

Reds over Giants
I think the winner of this series goes on to win the whole thing. Cincy has a solid rotation, a veteran offense, and a lights out bullpen. With Washington depleted by the Strasburg shutdown, these are the two best teams in the league. SF won’t go down without a fight; NL MVP Buster Posey will see to that. But this one will go down to the wire. Reds in five.

ALCS: Yankees in six
NLCS: Reds in seven
Series: Reds in six

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