So yesterday, I was in a wreck.

Not a major wreck. More like a “fender bender.” But still. A wreck. My youngest son was with me, and he was really scared. A wreck is a harrowing experience for anyone, but especially a little one. Thankfully, everyone was okay. If a dented bumper is the worst of my problems, I’m doing okay.

Last night Sunny asked me, “What went through your mind when it happened?” In that moment of impact, I remember two thoughts, clear as day:

  1. I hope Jackson is okay.
  2. This is going to seriously mess up my plans today.

Without question, my first impulse was to check on my child. But I also had a pretty good feeling that, based on the impact of the wreck, he was going to be okay. Like I said, it was more like a fender bender than anything. But as I answered Sunny’s question, I had to be honest in saying I was also a little put out that my plans had to change.

Silly isn’t it?

I’m reminded that I need to repent of my idolatry, particularly when it comes to buying the lie that I’m the god of my schedule.

One of my favorite people tells me that when someone walks into his office, no matter how busy he might be, he always puts down whatever he’s working on and gives his full attention to the person in front of him.

“I am not the god of my schedule.”

Are you able to say that?

If not, my only advice to you is “Keep a close eye on your rear-view mirror.”


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