Things I Want to Remember, Vol. 23

Tonight I’m thinking over some of the most recent “Jackson-isms” that have kept us laughing around our house. I’m keeping up with them here so I can look back on them someday.

  • Our puppy, Sadie, is a Shih Tzu. The other night, Jack said, “Dad, I know why they’re called Shih Tzus. It’s because they like to go to the zoo.” I have to admit, I wasn’t sure how that sentence was going to end!
  • Ever since we’ve come back from Disney, the kids have been obsessed with all things Jack Sparrow and Pirates of the Caribbean. Only, Jackson calls it “Pirates of the Carousel Bean.” Close, but not quite, son.
  • A few nights before Halloween, Jackson was telling me that at his school, they had been praying that the rain would hold off so all the kids could trick or treat. He said, “We are praying it will just hold off and rain later in the night, kind of like when you have to go potty and you have to hold it until you get to the bathroom and then WHOOOSH, you’re able to go potty!”
  • Tonight as we were saying our prayers, Jack said, “Dad, I think it would be good to live in the Bible times because then you could see the real Jesus. But there are some things that I wouldn’t like about living back then. Like, not having a pantry to keep your food in. And all the kings in the Bible are wicked. But it would be worth it to see Jesus.” Deep thoughts.
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1 Response to Things I Want to Remember, Vol. 23

  1. Beautiful anecdotes. These made my morning. Thank you.

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