Set My Rhythm

I ran across this old post tonight while reading through my blog. I originally wrote this over five years ago, in September of 2009. Remembering Miss Kay tonight and “the pulsating meter of True love” to which she marched.

already & not yet

A couple of months ago, God brought someone very special into my life. Out of respect for her privacy, I’ll just call her “Miss Kay”. Miss Kay is a sweet Christian lady who because of health issues is unable to be a part of her church community in the ways she would like. Specifically, she’s unable to get out and be a part of her church’s times of worship and fellowship. Since she’s at home most Sundays, she watches our church’s televised devotional program. She’s seen me on there several times when I’m filling in for our Senior Minister. A few months back, Miss Kay wrote me a sweet email to let me know how much the program meant to her. Over the past several months, we’ve become cyber pen pals. This summer, Miss Kay found me on Facebook and that’s helped us stay in contact even more frequently.


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