Love Is Dangerous

0305_HistoryJesus_630x420Our church did not meet tonight, so after dinner we put on the Blu Ray of last year’s “The Bible” from the History Channel. I love it because it really makes the biblical stories come alive for my children. We were watching the early part of the ministry of Jesus; we’d watch a while and pause it to talk about what was going on and then watch a bit more. In particular, we spent some time talking about Jesus’ response to the woman caught in adultery.

At this point, my youngest son said he didn’t understand why the Pharisees were so bothered by Jesus. So I tried to explain to him that the Pharisees enjoyed a position of power in their community and Jesus represented a threat by undermining their rigid interpretation of the law. Whereas the Pharisees are concerned with “issues”, Jesus’ primary concern is for people.

Blank stare from my son. “But why are they so upset with him?”

So I tried a different approach. “Jesus talked a lot about love. Love for God. Love for others. And he lived what he taught. And the Pharisees didn’t like that. So they killed him. They killed him because of what he believed about love. Love is dangerous.

I think that’s it.

Love is dangerous.

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