Why I Love My Job

This is why I love my job. Yesterday I had conversations with members of our church about the following topics:

  • Gun control
  • Darrelle Revis and spiritual warfare
  • The widespread feeling of xenophobia that grips us
  • Ironic T-shirts
  • Family systems theory
  • The sacred / secular myth
  • Kendrick Lamar as an avatar of our racially divided culture
  • Why Amazon Prime is the greatest thing in the world
  • Matthew 2 as an affirmation that Jesus was a refugee
  • The theological implications of resurrection on “The Walking Dead”
  • Christmas music
  • Acceptable fashion trends for men over the age of 40
  • The creation narrative in Scripture as a teaching on the necessity of boundary making
  • Greenland’s misleading position on the global map
  • The new Coldplay
  • Missiology

And those are just the conversations I can remember. I love what God lets me do every day.

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