A Ring, A Bumper Sticker and Gary

I wrote this post 10 years ago…and I’ve thought about it all week in light of the ongoing conversation about racial relations in this country.

already & not yet

This is a picture of my high school ring. I haven’t worn it in years. In fact, I’ve hardly worn it at all. Apparently the whole point of having a high school ring is to give it to a girl. Soon after I got mine, I gave it to this girl I was dating. This somehow proved that she was “mine”. Looking back, the whole thing was pretty ridiculous. Anyway, I got it back from that girl and soon afterward I gave it to Sunny. She’s had it ever since.

I started thinking about my high school ring the other day. I was behind this truck going down the road and the truck’s bumper sticker caught my eye. The bumper sticker had a confederate flag on it and underneath the flag were these words: “I don’t need your permission to honor my ancestors.” Oddly enough, the same vehicle also bore…

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