An Interesting Take on the Lauren Daigle Controversy

I love Lauren Daigle’s music; her latest album, Look Up Child, is my favorite recording of the year. Daigle sparked a bit of a controversy recently by making an appearance on Ellen, hosted by Ellen Degeneres. A portion of her fanbase was appalled that Daigle would perform on a talk show hosted by an openly gay celebrity, leaving me to wonder if these same fans would express similar outrage if Daigle had performed on a program hosted by a famous heterosexual adulterer. Daigle’s answer to a direction question about the sinfulness of homosexuality has produced even more consternation among her fan base. 

I’m not going to be critical of Daigle for performing on Ellen. And even though it is easy to pick apart her statement in the Domenick Nati interview, I understand the fine line she is trying to walk. With this controversy taking on a life of its own, I found this New Wineskins article to be particularly thoughtful and gracious. If you’re following this story, you might benefit from Josh Daffern’s take here.

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