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Cash: American VI

So it’s no secret that I’m a Johnny Cash fan. I mean, I named a son after him, so clearly he’s been a big influence. So it’s with great anticipation (and not a little sadness) that this week marks the … Continue reading

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MyPod: Cash’s American Recordings

Over the weekend, while I was in Nashville, I stopped by one of my old haunts from my college days. Phonoluxe is a used music shop a few blocks from Lipscomb’s campus. It had been years since I’d been there … Continue reading

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The Baby in Black

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The Greatest Country Song…Ever?

I’ve long been a fan of country music. Let me clarify: I’m a fan of real country music. Much of what emanates from Nashville these days is more soft pop / rock than country. No, I’m talking about your Daddy’s … Continue reading

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A Boy Named Cash

Other than “How’s the baby?” or “How’s Sunny?” or “Are y’all getting any sleep?”, the question I’ve been asked more than any other in the past two weeks has been in regard to Jackson’s middle name. “So…uh…why’d you name him … Continue reading

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MyPod: My Mother’s Hymn Book

These past few days, I’ve fallen in love again with an album I’ve had for a couple years. After hearing that my grandfather passed away, I popped in my copy of Johnny Cash’s My Mother’s Hymn Book. Cash has always … Continue reading

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Top 10 Albums of 2006

As you know, I love music. And this has been a great year with some excellent albums by some of my favorite artists. Without adieu, here’s my Top 10 for the year. 10. B Collision – David Crowder Band. Only … Continue reading

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