LOST Season Five: The Death of Frogurt

So I just finished watching the first two hours of the new season of LOST. We knew this was coming based on last season’s finale, but the show is taking a decided turn toward science fiction with these episodes. Not that I consider that a bad thing; in fact, I can’t believe this kind of stuff is actually airing in prime time on a major network program. Where else on network television can you weave time travel, quantum physics and theories of electromagnetism?

As season premieres go, though, this was perhaps my least favorite, simply because it was so different. I imagine I’ll give it multiple views before making my final assessment, but I’m hoping the constant “shifting” of the Island is a feature we’ll see less of now that we’ve been exposed to it. I don’t know, all the constant “where / when are we” stuff could get old real quick. That said, this was still a great way to kick off the new season. Honestly, I’d forgotten that tonight was a two-hour premiere, so I was pleasantly surprised when I turned on the DVR.

The opening scene was an interesting one. We learn Candle / Haliwax’s real surname: Chang. We see (for the second time) that he’s a father. Are we supposed to assume that the child is Miles Straume? Or someone else? The opening scene gave us a look at Dharma in its heyday. It also confirms that at least some in the Dharma Initiative are fully aware of the capability of the Island’s energy. The scene closes with Chang bumping into Dharma worker Daniel Farraday. Very interesting.

Off the Island, we saw plenty of Sayid and Hurley, which was good. Hurley’s scenes provided some comic relief and gave my brain time to relax a little. And Michael Emerson is just awesome. It’s still hard to believe that he wasn’t introduced until about 40 episodes in. As always, Ben has something up his sleeve. It was interesting that when Jack asked about Locke, “He’s dead, isn’t he?”, that Ben refused to answer the question. Hmm. And how about the appearance of Ms. Hawking at the end? Any chance that she’s Farraday’s mother?

I imagine we’ll see plenty of old faces popping up in odd places this season; Ana Lucia and Ethan are probably just the beginning. I was really excited to see Penny and Desmond so early in the season. I’m still curious as to why Walt doesn’t “have to go back”, but the others who left the Island do.

My favorite moment, though (morbid as it may be), was when the Brits with weapons used their fire arrows to flambe Neil. Frogurt, we hardly knew ye. A second favorite moment was Locke’s emergence onto the scene to save Juliet from losing a major appendage. I’m really interested to see Locke’s storyline over these next few episodes.

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19 Responses to LOST Season Five: The Death of Frogurt

  1. jenna says:

    This was our conversation before Frogurt’s death:”I hate when extras have more than two lines.””I know!! He really needs to just die!”Surprise! Deadly flaming arrow to the chest.How’s that for timing?

  2. -Lane says:

    “We can’t even get fire!!” BLAM (insert flaming arrow piercing Frogurt’s chest)Hands down, best scene of the night. That, and the scene where Hurley throws his hot pocket at Ben.This was by far the most different of all the season openers, but then again, this season is knowingly going to be much different than other seasons.I do kind of feel sorry for Sawyer, no shirt and no shoes equals no service.

  3. greg says:

    I had to DVR it. Due to SEC basketball on the local ABC station, LOST didn’t air until about 12:30am this morning over here. So, when our cats were making a bunch of noise and woke us up at 4 AM, I just got up and went to the living room and watched it right away.I’m going to probably watch it again tonight or tomorrow night, since I was probably not completely clear-headed at 4 this morning. My favorite line was Hurley’s comment so Sayid about comfort food. Hilarious. Sawyer had a couple of good lines as usual, too.I think they will get them all back to the island relatively quickly. I’d be surprised if they drag that out too long, especially given the 70 hour deadline. Then again, maybe missing that deadline is going to be part of the story. It’s good to have it back, though.

  4. Sunny says:

    I liked the spinning record shot at the beginning…When Hurley told his mom everything, I couldn’t help but laugh. Hearing it all together like that makes it sound so crazy.I also liked the hot pocket being thrown at Ben.

  5. Jason says:

    I think Frogurt was in a previous webisode, but I think his only other appearance was in that Bernard episode way back in S2. He’s more of a podcast hero than anything. The whole arrow to the chest made me think of Monty Python. “Message for you, sir.” Classic. I forgot about Hurley chucking his hot pocket at Ben. That was great, too. There were a lot of good Hurley moments from last night. I wonder if we’re through with the traditional flashbacks that were the show’s hallmark for the first three seasons. With the screwy timeline thing going on, it’s a little difficult to tell a traditional “flashback” story. Greg, I agree. At first, I thought the journey back to the Island would probably consume most of this season, but given the 70 hour window, I’m guessing we’ll see this transpire pretty quickly. Sunny, I think Hurley’s little speech is proof of the show’s self-awareness. That was like the producer’s little wink to us as an audience saying, “Yeah, we know this whole story is pretty out there. If you think all the time travel stuff is making the show a little kooky, take stock of the entire narrative of the show!” Man, I love this show.

  6. Jason says:

    Oh, I almost forgot: Another favorite moment was when Sawyer called Charlotte, “Ginger”. Great stuff.

  7. -Lane says:

    You will have to forgive me, because I don’t remember, but who was the Butcher Shop lady in which Ben entrusted the body of Locke? And do you think anyone will expand on the story of Desmond? It was revealed for sure now that Desmond has some sort of special ability. How did he get that?

  8. Dylan says:

    Frogurt appeared in this mobisode:http://video.google.com/videosearch?q=Lost+missing+pieces+Hurley+and+Frogurt&emb=0&aq=f#I also loved when Hurley told his mom everything, and then I loved her reaction of "Ok, I believe you." That was a nice moment.There was just so much going on in these two episodes. It's hard to take it all in. I had heard earlier that the flashbacks/forwards were going to be replaced by a new "storytelling device," but as far as I could see, it was all just narrative. I'm interested to see how they lay out the rest of the show. I still want them to focus each episode on one character, but so far it's just been basic plot telling everyone's story, although you could say the second episode was Hurley-centric.It was weird that Hurley rejected Ben's offer and decided to get arrested instead. I still have no idea whether Ben's intentions are good or evil. I guess with the last scene with Ms. Hawking, that it is obviously VERY important for everyone to go back to the island.I liked the episode. I just hope the show doesn't lose its character-centric roots.

  9. Dylan says:

    Jason,I know this is off topic, but did you know that Coldplay has a new EP out called Prospekt March? It has some new songs, some new versions of Viva la Vida songs, and they added words to Life in Technicolor…..and it’s incredible!http://www.amazon.com/Prospekts-March-Coldplay/dp/B001HDO4Z6http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fXSovfzyx28

  10. Jason says:

    Dylan,Prospekt’s March is awesome. I wish they had included some of these songs on Viva. I especially like the “lyrics-included” version of Life in Technicolor. I even like the Jay Z version of Lost. I’m glad you picked up a copy of it.

  11. Jason says:

    Lane,I have no idea who the butcher lady was. I didn’t recognize her from any previous episodes. And she and Ben were talking about somebody named “Jeffrey” and somebody else and the work they’re doing? Weird. I think the thing that makes Desmond “special” is his exposure to the electromagnetic properties of the Island when he turned the fail safe key. That’s what gave him the precognition about Charlie’s impending death. Right?

  12. AUbecca says:

    Jason,Compared to some of the things you have noticed in LOST, this is extremely miniscule; but, I wanted to point out a clue that I think the producers gave a LONG time ago about the direction of the show. I didn’t go back and watch this episode before posting so I may not have this exactly right but, do you remember the episode that Sayid was trying to fix the radio they had found and Rousseau’s message was interfering with the signal? Well, one night, when Sayid finally got it to work, he was sitting by the campfire with Hurley and they picked up the song “Moonlight Serenade” on the radio. Sayid said something along the lines of “there is no way to know where [the music] is coming from” to which Hurley responded “or when” indicating that the music could have been coming from another time. Might be an insignificant coincidence but I thought it was interesting and wanted to share.

  13. Jason says:

    Rebecca,I remember that scene. I wouldn’t be surprised to see that loose thread tied up for us sometime, maybe even this season. Good call.

  14. susan says:

    My favorite moment, when he slapped Daniel. Since when does Sawyer slap?! haha

  15. Jason says:

    Yeah, that was kinda girly, if you ask me. But anything Sawyer does pretty much cracks me up, so I’m OK with it.So I’m going back and watching the premiere a second time and it’s a lot better than I realized. This is a small thing, but did you notice that Episode 1 begins and Episode 2 ends with the same phrase: Dr. Chang, when asked what would happen if the construction guys kept drilling and the Island’s energy were to “leak out” or whatever…he says the same thing that Ms. Hawkings (a.k.a. the lady in the snuggie doing math equations in the basement of the church) says to Ben at the end of Ep 2: “God helps us all.” Interesting.Also, Hurley, who is so convinced that playing the lotto brought on his bad luck the first time around…the girl behind the counter tries to get him to buy a lotto ticket, but he runs out the door instead. If he HAD purchased a ticket, it would have delayed him a few seconds from leaving the gas station. And in those few seconds, he could have potentially noticed Kate pulling up in her car with Aaron. Kate is about to call Jack; Hurley needs to get Sayid to Jack so Jack can help revive him. Who knows? If Hurley had bought another lotto ticket, maybe it would have somehow changed his luck. He and Kate could have teamed up together…Kate would never have that eerie convo with Sun…Hurley might not end up arrested (which, even though he’s doing it to spite Ben, is EXACTLY the thing that ghost-Ana Lucia told him NOT to do.) Anyway, this is becoming massively long. Just a few observations.

  16. Dylan says:

    I watched the first half of the premier again and also liked it the second time around. It’s always hard to rate it on the first viewing cause the whole time you’re wondering “what’s going to happen? What’s going to happen?” I’m wondering what is making Chang and hawking say “God help us all”? Is it the release of the time travel properties? Or are the time traveling losties creating too many changes in the timeline?Also, I don’t understand why the island “moved” but only the flight 815 survivors/faraday’s crew are moving throughout time, but the Others are not affected. When the island moved, where did the Others go?

  17. R-Liz says:

    I definitely think Miles is Chang’s son. There’s a story there.I’ve been pondering Rose. After the island moved, Bernard comes yelling from the jungle, “Rose! Rose!” Was she there and then gone?Is Rose, like John Locke, unique?The Others are really into John b/c of how he was magically healed after coming to the island. What about Rose? She’s also been magically healed. Is she, therefore, just a little different, like John?I guess I think she should be seen as unique like John.And I’ll admit it– I’m really nervous of being let down these last few seasons. I’m a person who quickly recognizes an inconsistency in a plot or storyline. With SO many pieces in this puzzle, I’m afraid the story won’t stay airtight as they start to tie up ALL these loose ends.

  18. Jason says:

    Dylan,I’m like you. I’m so geeked up for the episode the first time around that I miss so much. I think the producers addressed the notion of whether the whole Island is moving vs. just our castaways moving. Maybe it was in the video podcast last week. Anyway, it seems as if somehow, just our castaways are moving through time, but people like Richard Alpert aren’t moving. Remember when Locke asked him what happened, where did everybody go? Doesn’t Richard say something to the effect of, “We didn’t go anywhere. You did.” Anyway, I don’t get it, but it seems as if our guys are the only ones moving. Maybe Richard doesn’t “move” since he’s an Island native? Who knows.

  19. Jason says:

    R-Liz,Thanks for stopping by. Please feel free to come back tomorrow. I'm going to try and have a LOST post every Thursday through the remainder of the season.I share your fears that these last few seasons might be something of a let down, now that we're in "answer mode" vs. "question mode". But even if the final episode isn't completely satisfying, I've enjoyed the journey so much that it'll still be worth it. I know that sounds cheesy, but I think LOST has always been more about questions than answers anyway. It would almost be fitting if the finale still leaves us with a sense of mystery and wonder…in keeping with the tone of the series. That's a great point about Rose. I'm wondering if she'll emerge as a more important figure as the series ratchets down. You're right…she's just as "miraculous" as John in the sense that the Island seems to have "chosen" to heal her. I'm wondering if she and Bernard won't end up being our "Adam & Eve" somehow. I guess the Others were so impressed with John because his healing was so much more obvious (wheelchair one minute, running around killing boar the next). But then again, Alpert seems to have known something special about John from the moment he was born. Anyway, I think you're right…Rose is "special" in some of the same ways Locke is. Good point.

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