March for Babies 2009

This is a copy of a letter Sunny and I are sending out to our friends and family to help raise awareness and donations on behalf of the March of Dimes. This is a cause we’ve been deeply invested in for the past several years. If you’d like to make a donation, you can click on the March of Dimes badge on the right hand side of the page or click here to be directed to our personal March for Babies page. Last year, our blog readers and family members contributed $640 to help with the March of Dimes. This year, we’d like to raise even more. I know times are tight for a lot of people, but if you could consider even a modest contribution, we would appreciate it. And, of course, if you can join us for the March on April 4th, we’d welcome your presence there, too.

Friends & Family,

This spring, our family will be participating in our community’s annual March for Babies. As most of you probably know, 5 years ago, our twins, Joshua and Abby Kate, were born prematurely and spent a significant amount of time in the neonatal intensive care unit. Since that time, the March of Dimes has been very near to our hearts. We’re writing to ask you to consider supporting our fundraising efforts by sponsoring us in the March for Babies.

Contributing to the March for Babies online is fast, easy and secure. You can donate directly from our personal webpage with a credit/debit card or PayPal. If you prefer, we can also accept cash or check. Just click the appropriate box on the webpage.

The money we raise helps save premature and sick babies. About 12.5 million babies are born prematurely each year. Premature birth is the #1 cause of newborn death and the biggest threat to babies’ health today. Through the March for Babies, the March of Dimes is funding important research to find out why premature birth happens and what can be done to prevent it. The March of Dimes also provides care for millions of mothers who experience pre-term complications during their pregnancies.

We’ve joined with millions of compassionate people across the country who support March for Babies each year. Visit our webpage at and sponsor us in the march that saves babies!

We would also like to invite all of our family and friends to join us at this year’s March for Babies Campaign on Saturday, April 4, 2009 on the UAH campus here in Huntsville. It would be our honor to have you participate with us in a cause that is so important to our family. We had the best time walking with our friends last year and we hope that you can join us again this year!

With your support, there’s hope!
Love, Jason, Sunny, Joshua, Abby Kate, and Jackson Bybee

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