Yankee Irving / Cardinal Joshua

Tonight we watched one of our favorite movies, Everyone’s Hero. This has been one of my favorites for the past year or so. And tonight I finally figured out why.

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4 Responses to Yankee Irving / Cardinal Joshua

  1. TARA says:

    That’s one of the best cartoons ever. Any you have the cutest T-ball player ever!

  2. Jason says:

    Thanks. I think “Everyone’s Hero” has become a part of our spring viewing tradition, along with “Field of Dreams” and my 2006 Cardinals World Series DVD. It’s great.We’ll let you know when we have our Tee-Ball schedule.

  3. Joshua Whitson says:

    Does that “B” on Joshua’s shirt stand for Boston????

  4. Jason says:

    Not quite, Josh, although I know you’d like that. I think it simply stands for “basketball” since that’s what’s on his shirt. Or I guess we could augment it and say it stands for “Bybee”.

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