Well, once again it’s time for that most ancient of March traditions. No, I’m not talking about sprinkling pre-emergent herbicide on your yard with that little mini-wheelbarrow thingy. It’s bracket time, baby and I’m stoked because that means it’s time for the 3rd annual Already & Not Yet NCAA Tournament Pick ‘Em Invitational. The defending champ, Allen J, has already signed up. Who else is invited, you ask? Why, you are, intrepid reader.

Just go to Yahoo and sign-up for Tournament Pick ‘Em ’09. Our group name is What’s a bracket? with an ID# of 81818. Password is “bigtime”. It’s that simple. See you on the hardwood.

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2 Responses to Bracketology

  1. Sunny says:

    I can’t wait to fill out my bracket! I love this time because it means that baseball is almost here!!!

  2. Jason says:

    Me too. Really, everything else (brackets, NFL, college football) is just prelude to the real thing, baseball season. I can hardly wait.

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