LOST Season Six: What Kate Does

First, some more recapping of “LA X” Parts 1 and 2. Hat tip to Doc Jensen’s “Things I Missed” Column for these important catches from last week’s premiere:

  • It looks like Desmond was wearing a wedding band in his scene with Jack. Is he happily married to Penny? Libby? Rousseau?
  • Also, in the scene at customs when Jin and Sun are stopped, we assume that Sun still knows English. But that may not be the case. Also, the customs attendant referred to Sun by her maiden name. It could be that Sun and Jin aren’t married and they’re on the run from Mr. Paik.
  • Sayid’s passport is actually an Iranian passport, rather than Iraqi. Maybe in the “other” world, Sayid isn’t a guilt-wracked torturer. I sure hope so. Guy deserves to have something good in his life.

Now on to my recap of episode 3 – “What Kate Does”:

On Island

First of all, how technologically-averse are these Others? Lennon wears no shoes; Dogen hunts and pecks on an old school typewriter; 1950s era torture implements; worst of all, they have to grind up their own prescription drugs. I only hope they have something better up their sleeve once Flocke / Smokey / MIB arrives at the Temple. I was hoping we’d see that particular scene at episode’s end, but I guess we’ll have to wait until next week.

The On-Island story followed Sayid’s apparent resurrection and the seeming consequences of the “muddy water” from last week. According to Dogen, Sayid is infected with an illness that will spread, a darkness that — if it reaches his heart — could be disastrous. More on that in a minute.

Other than Terry O’Quinn, Josh Holloway has been the early all-star this season. His Sawyer brims with sorrow and rage in nearly every scene.The engagement ring scene was an absolute standout in this episode. It really amazes me how much I’ve grown to love Holloway’s character. He’s become a really good actor. We learn here that Sawyer blames himself for Juliet’s death, which has me worried for his fate. We know from the previews that he meets up with Flocke next week. I hope our favorite rogue doesn’t come down with the same “darkness” that is afflicting Sayid and Claire.

It seems like On-Island Kate is pretty much over Jack. I could be wrong, but her decision to go after Sawyer revealed that she is more concerned with her reason for returning to the Island — to find and bring back Claire. Based on the closing scene, I have a feeling that’s going to be a tough sell, though. How Rousseau-esque did Claire look by the way? If her behavior (clipping off Justin and Aldo without hesitation) is any indication of where Sayid might be headed, this is all about to get pretty dicey.

I loved Jack in this episode. Say what you will about his el wimpo character shift last season, but I think he’s been through the fire and he’s come out a different man. Think of Locke’s comment last season: “I needed that pain to get to where I am today.” That’s a fitting way to describe this version of Jack. In some ways, he’s more driven than ever to “fix” whatever problems he encounters; but his process seems to be more measured now. It’s like he’s more aware of the great cost of some of his decisions; those losses of life have weighed heavily on the good doctor. I wonder if his willingness to swallow the poison pill intended for Sayid foreshadows Jack’s fate. Is he destined to redeem the ones he loves by giving himself up for them? We’ll see.

Off Island

Apparently, what Kate does is lend Claire a helping hand. Just like in Season 1, Kate is integral in helping Claire through her pregnancy. We also got to see the couple that was supposed to adopt Claire’s baby. I held out hope that this couple would play a significant role in Claire’s Off Island story, but apparently not. I guess the husband who left could still pop up somewhere here toward the end, but I kinda doubt it. I’m still not sure what we’re supposed to do with the psychic’s word to Claire from her earlier flashback: “You’re not supposed to raise him.” So who IS supposed to raise Aaron? I hope this is one of the mysteries that is resolved by season’s end. My guess is that Claire actually supposed to raise him.

In keeping with Darlton’s comments from last week’s podcast, I was watching for little signs that might be some kind of give away as to what was different about Kate’s story. She tells the body shop guy that she’s wanted for murder (which she was in her “first” timeline), but she seems to be telling Claire that she’s innocent.

And how about Ethan’s cameo?!? In another similarity to Season 1, Ethan plays a role in helping Claire get ready to deliver her baby. Maybe in this “other” timeline, Alex is an orderly. And Mr. Friendly works in the gift shop.

My favorite lines from the episode:

Sawyer: “He’s an Iraqi torturer who shoots kids. He definitely deserves another go ’round.”

Aldo: “What is this, a press conference?”

Hurley: “You’re not a zombie, right?”
Sayid: “No. I am not a zombie.”

Artz: “Hey, I’m walkin’ here!”

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10 Responses to LOST Season Six: What Kate Does

  1. Matt says:

    I’d like to know where Claire went to sniper school to learn how to shoot like that. And my favorite line was Miles telling Sayid about Hurley taking a leadership role in the group.

    When Dogon told Jack that Sayid’s heart would go dark and he would never be the same, wouldn’t this be what happened to Ben as a child after Sayid shot him and Jack and Kate brought him to Richard?

    • Jason says:

      Looks like Claire found Rousseau’s rifle, traps, and — most regrettably — her fashion sensibilities.

      I think you’re right. It seems that what is happening to Sayid is the same thing that happened to Ben. Which begs the question: when was Claire injured / shot and who “saved” her in the baptistery of evil?

      Also, it seems that Ben, Sayid, and Claire have all been “claimed” by Smokey and his team. I wonder who else is going to enlist with the “bad guys”.

  2. Tara says:

    Fav comment – Miles, “If you need me for anything – I’ll be at the snack bar.”

  3. Dylan says:

    Not to sound like a know-it-all, but actually the psychic in season one tells Claire that SHE is supposed to raise her baby and no one else can:


    I really enjoyed this episode. It was a little more methodical and slower (especially compared with the premier), but it was more like an old-school episode of Lost. It was centered around one character on island and off island, it took its time and had some very cool subtle moments, and it was more about character than plot. The producers told us this season would be a lot like season one, and if the rest of the season follows like this episode, then I think that will be the case.

    And I agree about Sawyer’s scene by the dock. Wow. That was the best acting of Josh Holloway’s career (even better than when he was hanging onto Juliet over the Swan site in the finale). There was a moment there where Kate says, “I’m sorry for following you,” and Sawyer barely audibly says “which time?” and the way he said it almost didn’t even sound like Sawyer. It was like all the pride and charisma of the old Sawyer was all gone and he was left completely broken. That scene was worth the price of admission for the whole episode.

    This “infection” that Claire and Sayid have keeps making me think of the “sickness” that Rousseau told Sayid about back in season one. But the sickness is making Claire actually act like Rousseau. Is it possible that Rousseau was actually the one who was sick and Montand and the others were healthy. Or did Montand just get sick from getting sucked in by the monster?

    • Jason says:

      You’re right. I whiffed on the Claire / baby thing. Oops.

      I like your thought process re: Rousseau and sickness. If she’s the one who actually got sick, then it’s easy to see how she could have been serving as an agent of MIB / Smokey / He that causeth infection (if we’re making the correct assumptions here). If that’s the case, then it starts to make sense…Rousseau is the one who “caught” Ben in the net and brought him to our castaways in the first place. If both of them were “infected” (read: playing for Smokey’s team — whether they realize it or not), then we can see how that whole thing way back in Season 2 plays into the larger framework of the story. If that’s the case, then I love your hypothesis, Dylan.

      If that’s not the case, then I’ll roll with it either way.

  4. Dylan says:

    I read in a review that there’s a different sound effect when switching to the Flashsideways’, as opposed to the traditional “whoosh” when going to flashbacks. Supposedly there’s a significance to this, although I don’t know what it is. Maybe it’s because these flashsideways have more meaning in the actual narrative than the flashbacks did, which mainly just served to give us more information on the characters. I haven’t noticed it yet. Has anyone else?

    • Jason says:

      I think I read that it’s an “airplane sound”. Whatever that means. If you listen to it, it kind of sounds like 815 when it was in the air or breaking apart or something. But it’s definitely a different sound effect than our typical “whoosh” we’ve come to know and love.

  5. Rebecca says:

    I don’t know if you read this article last week or not but it is an interview with Damon and Carlton and helps explain (as much as anything is ever explained in LOST) the two timelines.

    Also, I thought I read somewhere (it may have been one of the comments to your posts) that the sound you hear between timelines is more like the sound you heard when they would switch between 1974 and 2004 (when the record was skipping). Personallu, I think it sounds like the turning of a wheel – kind of like the giant wheel that Ben had to turn a few seasons back.

    Several years ago, the church I attended in High School created an entire lesson series around the Andy Griffith show. They would show a clip and then have a message related to that clip. With all of the underlying spiritual metaphors in this show, Jason I fully expect for you to offer a Wednesday night LOST series at Mayfair starting Spring 2011! 🙂

  6. Jason says:

    I don’t think you added the link to the article you were referring to. If it was the article over at EW with them explaining the flash-sideways concept, then I read it.

    And you’re right…the sideways sound is pretty much the same one we were introduced to last year when the record was skipping. Makes you wonder if that’s how these two timelines are going to be reconciled…through some ginormous “record skip” whereby the castaways become self-aware of their own “alternate” realities or whatever. I don’t even know what that means, but we’ve seen little glimpses of this so far: Jack looks in the mirror on the plane like he’s remembering something; he and Desmond have that deja vu moment; Kate sees Jack while she’s escaping in the taxi and she does a double take, almost like she knows that she knows him from somewhere. I’m guessing that at some point, these two timelines will reconcile in some way similar to that.

    And for the record, I’d need WAY more time to get my arms around the spiritual implications of this show. Maybe by 2015 or something!

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