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LOST Season Six Rewatch: LA X

So I received LOST Season Six as a belated anniversary present (thanks, Sunny). Now I’m going back and re-watching and I’m noticing a lot of things that make more sense now. Thought I’d keep a running journal of these thoughts … Continue reading

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LOST Season Six: The New Man in Charge

In case you haven’t heard, the final season of LOST is available on Blu-Ray and DVD at the end of the month. (And, I don’t know…say, your spouse is a super huge fan of the show and you’re 11th wedding … Continue reading

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LOST: Putting It All Together, Vol. 3

For the topographers out there, you’ll love this post. It seems that a LOST aficionado out there put his considerable talent to work drawing up a detailed map of the mysterious Island. Apparently dude has been working as a cartographer … Continue reading

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LOST Season Six: The End

I’ll just work up a “brief” recap of the episode tonight (and by “brief”, I mean 1500 words); I’ll probably create a more comprehensive “what it all means” post in another day or so. Actually, it’ll probably be a multi-part … Continue reading

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LOST Season Six: A Finale Prediction

I have a prediction re: tonight’s finale. Normally I don’t engage in a lot of theorizing here on A&NY; I mostly just recap and help synthesize what we’ve seen episode to episode. But here, at the eleventh hour, I have … Continue reading

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LOST Season Six: Cast Says Goodbye

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Yesterday, someone found my blog by searching for the following: jack and david eat breakfast and discuss the concert they’re going to that evening when claire comes in wishing them a good morning. jack gets a call from oceanic saying … Continue reading

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LOST Season Six: Mother

The more I reflect on last week’s “Across the Sea”, the more it works for me. I still think the dialogue is pretty lame in the scene where Mother explains the light to Jacob and MIB; but otherwise, I think … Continue reading

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LOST Season Six: Across the Sea

This episode was something of a mixed bag for me. There were elements that I thought were really cool; and there were probably an equal number of moments that were….well, hokey. (Light? That’s it? Seriously?) But hey, we only have … Continue reading

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LOST Season Six: Widmore

Sidebar: There’s probably going to be a lot of LOST chatter going on here at the blog over the next few weeks. Hard to believe that this great show will be going off the air in less than two weeks. … Continue reading

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