LOST Season Six Rewatch: LA X

So I received LOST Season Six as a belated anniversary present (thanks, Sunny). Now I’m going back and re-watching and I’m noticing a lot of things that make more sense now. Thought I’d keep a running journal of these thoughts over the next few weeks / months as I slowly make my way through the discs.

And you only thought I was finished blogging about this show.

  • In the season premiere, Rose tells Jack he can “let go now”. Of course, in the moment, she’s telling the good doctor he can release his death grip on his seat’s armrests after the plane experiences turbulence after passing over the sea-floor-grounded Island. But clearly this phrasing is meant to foreshadow the series finale where Christian speaks those same words to Jack. In hindsight, I’m thinking Rose might already be “enlightened” at this point in the Sideways. In fact, I’m almost certain. She and Bernard are already together, indicating their “sync up” moment has already occurred in Sideways land. And there’s that comment Bernard makes later to Jack (when the doc is looking for Locke’s medical records): “I hope you find what you’re looking for.” Yup, they’re in on it already. Their inclusion in the church pretty much seals the deal on that one.
  • Sayid’s baptism / drowning in the murky pool of doom. Still troubles me a little bit. But I think it has something to do with the Island’s healing power. Sayid “dies” in the pool, presumably because the water has turned brown. Or maybe because he’s a torturing kid-murderer. Either way. Following his “death”, Jack attempts to perform CPR — the same move that miraculously saved Charlie way back in season one. It’s never been explained how Charlie’s salvation occurred exactly; just chalk it up to Island magic and Jack’s fix-it persistence. But this go round, Jack can’t save his friend. Yet, Sayid is reanimated, albeit only to join sides with Smokey for a while, but ultimately his resurrection serves a greater purpose: he must be raised in order to sacrifice himself on behalf of his friends on the sub in the season’s penultimate act. Remember how Charlie died? Same way. I think we’re supposed to be equating Sayid’s experience here with Charlie’s. Both of them were given new life by the Island in order to ultimately lay down that life for the other players. Same thing is true, to a certain degree, of Michael, although his sacrifice isn’t enough to keep him from Whisper-ville. Anywho, according to the paper in the ankh stuffed inside Charlie’s guitar case (yet another allusion to Charlie), Jacob says that if Sayid dies, the Temple folk are in a lot of trouble. This is true in the short term (Sayid will be Locke’s right hand man for most of the season), but ultimately Sayid’s death precipitates his Island resurrection and, ultimately, his redemption. This is either really convoluted or brilliant. I can’t decide.
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