LOST Season Six: A Finale Prediction

I have a prediction re: tonight’s finale. Normally I don’t engage in a lot of theorizing here on A&NY; I mostly just recap and help synthesize what we’ve seen episode to episode. But here, at the eleventh hour, I have a thought, or perhaps a hope, that I just can’t shake. So I’m going to post it here.

I stay away from spoilers like the plague; I even summon the willpower to resist watching the video clip previews ABC releases the day before an episode airs. (This after the now infamous “Mr. Eko Debacle” as it’s called around the Bybee house, where Jason read spoilers prior to a certain Nigerian druglord-turned-priest’s death at the hands of Smokey in Season 3, ruining the emotional weight of such a moment.) Anyway, I avoid spoilers like crazy, so I’m not really basing this on anything but my own conjecture.

Also, since I know some of you like your LOST spoiler-free as well, I’ll respect your desires by posting the theory in the comments section. Again, it’s not a spoiler. But it’s just a thought that I’ve had as I’ve reflecting on the show. Feel free to let me know what you think.

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3 Responses to LOST Season Six: A Finale Prediction

  1. Jason says:

    Here’s my thought: we’re being set up for a John Locke Island resurrection. I’ve been listening to Locke’s theme a lot this weekend (Giacchino’s beautiful “Locke’d Out Again”) and I’m reminded of Locke’s first moments on the Island: getting up, improbably, and walking. I’m reminded of Locke’s mantra during his pre-Island life: “Don’t tell me what I can’t do!” Locke’s life has been leading to the Island for a reason. I can’t believe that reason was to be a host body to MIB so he could destroy the Island and all humanity.

    In the Island reality, we have John Locke buried beneath the earth on Boone Hill near our castaway’s original beach camp. In the Sideways reality, we have the Island buried beneath the water in the ocean, presumably as the result of Juliet’s Jughead detonation. The producers have stated that they like to turn the “what” on the show into a “who”. Think the Smoke Monster; for years we thought Smokey was a “what”, only to find out it was a “who”. Same with the Hatch: at the end of Season 1, the question was “What’s in the Hatch?” Turns out the operative question was “Who’s in the Hatch?” I’m wondering if the same thing will turn out to be true of The Island. I have no idea how this can happen or if it will even make sense, but what if the Island turns out to be John Locke? Remember, Locke has some sort of intimate communion with the Island. He’s looked into the eye of the Island and what he saw was beautiful. I suppose it’s possible that Locke simply saw some beautiful manifestation of Smokey since Smokey was trying to find someone to corrupt or whatever. But what if there’s something more to it. What if Locke really has some sort of connection to the Island that is much deeper than we ever thought possible? What if Locke IS the Island?

    I’m even reminded of Hurley’s comment from earlier this season about how you can always come back from the dark side. Hurley functions as the proxy for the audience on the show, asking the questions the producers know we as fans are asking of the show, of characters, of certain elements (like, time travel), etc. But in this case, I wonder if Hurley is functioning as proxy for the producers, planting a seed in our minds weeks earlier to get us thinking along these lines leading to the finale. What if the statement is intended to foreshadow what’s going to happen tonight to “Locke” — the host body for the villain we only know as MIB? What if tonight’s finale leads up to a moment of Island-consciousness for Sideways John Locke, a moment that somehow allows for a cosmic reconnect across the two realities and somehow purges / casts out MIB from Locke’s body? What if tonight we’re in for Darlton’s vision of an Island exorcism wherein MIB is cast out and Locke is able to inhabit his body once more? OR — even better — what if we get LOST’s version of resurrection with Locke climbing out of his grave on Boone Hill in the wake of Smokey’s defeat at the hands of Jack, Sawyer, Kate, and Hurley?

    All of this is probably ridiculous. Tomorrow, I’ll probably regret posting this since it’s so crazy. But what if I’m right…

  2. Dylan says:

    There WAS a resurrection of sorts…..

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