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LOST Season Six: Across the Sea

This episode was something of a mixed bag for me. There were elements that I thought were really cool; and there were probably an equal number of moments that were….well, hokey. (Light? That’s it? Seriously?) But hey, we only have … Continue reading

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LOST Season Six: More Thoughts on The Substitute

What’s been bugging me about this episode is the portrayal of a faithless Locke. The flash sideways is just not a story I’m interested in; nor is it a story-telling device that intrigues me that much. I guess this is … Continue reading

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LOST Rewatch: Season Three Finale

As many of you know, I’m a big LOST fan. On another blog, I posted all of my thoughts re: each episode of the last few seasons of LOST. As soon as last season ended, I started slowly going back … Continue reading

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John Locke Rap

For those of you who don’t know, I’m a huge LOST fan. As in, I go through serious LOST withdrawal from May to January each year. As we approach the premiere date of the final season of television’s best program, … Continue reading

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