My Version of Groundhog Day

Marmota monax, aka the whistle-pig, the woodchuck, the land beaver and -- most notably -- the groundhog

I know we went through all the pomp and formality of the “official” Groundhog Day exactly two weeks ago. For the briefest of moments, the world (or at the very least, viewers of the Today Show) turned an eye toward Punxsutawney, PA to ask that age old question: “What is Groundhog Day all about anyway?” The answer, we’re told, has something to do with the duration of the present winter versus the onset of impending spring — which is contingent upon Lucky the groundhog seeing his shadow as he emerges from his burrow, presumably after repeatedly viewing the 1993 Bill Murray classic.

That’s all well and good, but I have my own personal version of Groundhog Day that has nothing to do with subterranean-dwelling marmots or obscure Pennsylvanian townships. No, I’m talking about the four words that serve as a death knell to winter and a harbinger that spring is just around the corner: pitchers and catchers report.

For months, the only baseball conversation has been hot stove related. When will Matt Holliday sign? Will the Jays deal Roy Halladay? The arms race between the Yankees and Red Sox continued with the acquisitions of Javier Vazquez and John Lackey, respectively. And while this necessary season of the baseball calendar is a fun little distraction, we’re finally ready for real baseball again. And I couldn’t be more ready — ready for news about roster spot competitions; ready to see how this season will come into shape; I’m even ready for the inevitable news of spring training injuries. (Braves fans, I doubt this is the news you wanted to hear the day before pitchers and catchers report. The entire 404 area code will be holding their collective breath on this one.)

I’m planning on blogging regularly about the upcoming baseball season. Go Cards!

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5 Responses to My Version of Groundhog Day

  1. Matt says:

    I saw that earlier today about JJ. Still hoping for the best, though.

  2. Tara says:

    Whatever it takes to get spring here!

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