New Blogs!

A quick house keeping item: you may have noticed a few new additions to my “Blogroll” sidebar on the left. My nephew Micah is a fledgling photographer and he’s had a photo blog for quite some time; I’m just getting around to adding it to my list, but I’m sure he’d appreciate it if those of you who are a little photo-savvy stopping by and giving him your thoughts re: his pics. I’ve also added a link to Allen’s new site; Allen and I went to high school together and he’s currently blogging some great Bible study thoughts as well as his reviews on some current reads. Finally, my friend’s wife, Kristen, has started a new blog this week; for those of you who know the Widicks, you will want to add her to your reader so you can keep up with their family.

LOST recap coming tonight. And I haven’t said anything about it yet, but am I the only one not really digging American Idol this year? Probably has something to do with that other little show that consumes most of my time / thoughts…

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