Sunday Night LOST Tidbits

EW has a bit of a scoop re: upcoming episodes of LOST. Nothing too spoilerish here, but if you don’t want to know anything, I suggest you stop reading here.


According to an Entertainment Weekly reporter who chatted with the producers as they were gearing up to write the finale:

The answer is “yes” to the following: Will Richard and Ilana exchange some words soon? Will we see another painting by Bender? Do some of the characters’ last names have significance, particularly Jack’s? Is Jack married to someone we’ve met before? Was Jacob telling the truth when he said someone was coming to the island? Will we learn more about Hurley and Libby’s connection? Will we see Vincent and Charlie again? Will we learn if Desmond was really on the plane?

The answer is “no” to the following: Will we get a conclusion to the story of Ben’s love, Annie? Do the purple circles in Bender’s mural mean anything? Did Juliet’s ex-husband get killed by a smoke bus? Will there be a DVD release of the show in chronological order?

The answer is “maybe” to the following: Will the Hurley bird be explained? Will we see Walt again?

The answer is “no comment” to the following: Will we learn why women can’t have babies on the island?

Radio silence: After being bombarded with questions about the show for six years, Cuse said they do not plan on commenting on the series finale after it airs.

Final spoiler from Lindelof: “Water.”


So, quick recap:

Jack’s married to someone we’ve met before. I’m predicting it’s Juliet, although I suppose they could go completely against the grain and go with somebody like Libby.

And we ARE going to get some more info re: Desmond. I’m hoping he’s the one coming to the Island.

What do you think?

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2 Responses to Sunday Night LOST Tidbits

  1. lanewidick says:

    I think its fascinating that they are going on Radio Silence.

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