LOST Season Six: The Package

A solid episode. Last week’s Alpert-isode was a tough act to follow, but for the most part, The Package worked. I say for the most part because there were a few elements that made me just roll my eyes, especially Sun’s head injury-induced loss of command of the English language and Jack’s “tomato” speech. But I love me a good Sun & Jin episode and after being severely underused for the past season and a half, it was nice to see Yunjin Kim in the spotlight again.

The Flash Sideways picks up right where the season premiere left Sun & Jin’s storyline. No matter the reality, forces are always at work to keep these two apart. At the airport, Jin’s $25,000 is confiscated, but the golden watch is returned. It seems that Sun was to deliver the watch to Keamy, one of LOST’s all-time baddies. Whether this was the case in the “other” reality is never revealed, but the confiscated money causes a real problem for Keamy and this creates the tension in the Sideways story. By episode’s end, we realize that Mr. Paik has hired Keamy to kill Jin because of his relationship with Sun.

Sun proposes that she and Jin run off together; Jin — ever the traditionalist — doesn’t think it proper, but Sun seems to be convincing him. She says she has something to tell him — and then Keamy’s knock at the door interrupts everything. What was she going to tell him? I think she was going to tell him about the pregnancy. I suppose she could tell him that she knows English, which would be a pretty cool reversal from the “other” storyline where Sun learns English so she can run away to America to get away from Jin. How cool would it be if, in the Sideways World, Sun has learned English so she can run away to America with Jin? But I’m still thinking she was going to tell him about the pregnancy and I think the baby is Jin’s. (There’s been no indication whatsoever that Sideways Sun speaks English.) But if she’s pregnant with Jin’s baby, that begs the question: how have Jin’s sterility issues been taken care of in the Sideways World? In the Island World, we’re left to assume that the conception of Ji Yeon was a product of Island healing / magic / voodoo. But how does this happen in the Sideways? Immediately after this scene, Sun’s mirror sequence occurs, as she gazes at her reflection and, for a moment, it seems that she doesn’t even recognize herself. Interesting.

The rest of the Sideways goes by quickly. Keamy’s a bad guy, wants his money, reveals that he’s going to kill Jin. But Sayid changes those plans, releases Jin (sort of) in time for him to fight with Patchy. Sun, presumably pregnant with Jin’s child, is shot in the skirmish. I’m predicting an ER visit to St. Sebastian Hospital where Jack Shepherd will operate on her.

Back on the Island, the curtain is pulled back a little more on Locke. He needs to recruit a certain number of people (he tells Claire he’s three people short) and this prompts him to confront Sun. But when she presses him on why he killed the people at the Temple, he responds by saying they were “confused” and “lied to”. So what? That’s why they deserved to die? This episode gave us even more glimpses into the shadiness of Locke. The conversation he had with Claire revealed that Locke has no connection to these castaways; instead, they are only useful to him as necessary pawns in his struggle to get off the Island. He baits Claire by telling her how he “needs” her and that once he gets his people on the plane, anything goes (i.e., Kate can be killed).

Thankfully, Sun rejects Locke’s offer and darts off into the jungle; unfortunately, she bonks her noodle and loses the ability to speak. Meanwhile, Jin is captured by Widmore’s J.Crew-wearing henchmen and locked up in Room 23. (We’re just revisiting all of Hydra Island’s greatest hits, aren’t we?) The Liz Lemon girl asks him to help her read the grid maps, presumably because she wants to know where the pockets of electromagnetic energy are located. Jin then has a conversation with Widmore which made me tear up — watching Jin see his pictures of his daughter for the first time put a huge lump in my throat. Favorite scene of the night.

I was most stoked about the final scene where we learn the identity of “the package”. No big surprise here; we’ve been waiting for Desmond’s reappearance on the Island. I’m curious to see how he factors into the end game, since “the rules” don’t apply to him.

Some quick observations:

  • Sayid says he doesn’t feel anything anymore — pain, anger, guilt. I guess the producers weren’t kidding about a zombie season.
  • If Widmore could kill Locke / MIB, why didn’t he? I mean, he was standing right there, defenseless outside the pylons. I wonder if Widmore even knows how Smokey can be killed.
  • I was impressed with Ilana’s unwavering devotion to Jacob. At the beginning, Ben presses her on the plan to wait on Richard’s return. She responds by affirming that Hurley would succeed in bringing Richard back and that Jacob had never lied to her. When Richard finally does return, Ilana has an illuminated look on her face as if she were wrapped up in some kind of transfigurative conversation with Jacob (which, maybe she was).
  • Locke tells Claire that Kate’s name isn’t on the cave wall. “Not anymore,” he says. Interesting. I still wonder if Locke knows about the names at the Lighthouse.
  • How are Richard and Ilana and their crew going to blow up the plane? Might we see one final trip to the Black Rock for some dynamite?
  • According to Widmore, if Locke leaves the Island, everyone they love will cease to be.

Favorite lines:

Ben: Why won’t you believe me?

Ilana: Because you’re talking.


Locke: We’re taking a boat ride over to the other island.

Sawyer: What do you need a boat for? Can’t you just turn into smoke and fly your [butt] over the water?

Locke: Do you think, if I could do that, I would still be on this Island?

Sawyer: No, ’cause that’d be ridiculous.


Locke: A wise man once said that war was coming to this Island. I think it just got here.

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16 Responses to LOST Season Six: The Package

  1. Lane says:

    I really thought tonight’s episode was the weakest of the season. I, too, usually like the Sun and Jin episodes. But, I thought the same thing you did when you mentioned her bonking her head on the tree…lame. Then, finding out she didn’t speak English, but could understand it? That just seems like a stretch, even for Lost.

    I still want to know what the pylons/sound barrier things have to do with keeping Smoky out of certain areas. Did I miss that somewhere?

    One thing that bugged me was the advertisement for “V” on the bottom of the screen throughout the episode. Really? The commercials with the lady on the big ship isn’t enough?

    I think the thing I realized in this episode is that Widmore really does have an interest in saving the island, or at least preserving the smoke monster there. This makes me wonder what side Ben really is on. It seems like Ben has really taken a back seat in this final season, and I’m waiting for him to be classic Ben, jumping out of no where and killing someone, or helping Locke do something.

    6 episodes left? Sigh. I’m gonna miss this show.

    • Jason says:

      I guess the producers acknowledged the silliness of Sun’s noodle bonk when Miles incredulously says, “She hit her head and now she can’t speak English. We’re supposed to buy that?” and then Frank answers, “Said the guy who communes with the dead.”

      But I’m willing to bet this is something that’s pretty important. It’s worth noting that Sun doesn’t seem to know English in the Flash Sideways. Maybe this is where these two timelines start to converge.

      According to a friend of mine, he says Lindelof tweeted last night that after next week’s Desmond episode, “the conversation will change”. Whatever that means.

      And the pylons that keep Smokey out…remember the pylons that surrounded the old Dharma barracks (also referred to as “New Otherton” by Sawyer)? Those were there as a shield to keep Smokey out. We saw Smokey chasing Juliet and Kate when they were handcuffed together in the jungle. The only thing that saves them is when Juliet activates the pylon sonar fence…Smokey slams against it and retreats.

      Anyway, Widmore somehow knows that Smokey can’t break through the pylons.

      • lanewidick says:

        I remember the pylons. I just want to know what it is that causes those to keep Smokey out. Why can’t smokey go over water? What binds him there…that’s where I was going with that comment.

        I also think the whole English problem will be important. I just can’t for the life of me figure out why.

  2. Jenny says:

    Me too Lane!! What are we all going to do without LOST? I too, thought the whole head on the tree thing was corny. And when the shooting started in the restaurant, I thought it was so predictable that Sun was going to be hit.
    The V thing was very annoying. AND, I don’t know if this happened to ya’ll but on my tv at the 29 minute mark, the digital signal was getting messed up or something because the rest of the show seemed scrambled and we missed much of the dialogue.
    I wonder why they really want Jin (Team Widmore)? I mean, Sawyer worked on the island back in Dharma time as well. Why don’t they want him too? And where is Jacob?
    Did anyone else think it was interesting about how FLocke held out his hand for Sun to take it, promising that he will get her back to Jin and she ran. But I liked how Jack did basically the same thing and she grasped his hand.
    And what is the whole Sayid zombie thing about? I want the old Sayid back!

    • Jason says:

      Sorry to hear your broadcast was disrupted. Mine was fine. You should go online and watch the episode to be sure you didn’t miss any dialogue.

      I think Widmore wants Jin because they know that he was the primary one doing the grid searches and map designs for Dharma. I guess Sawyer would’ve had a cursory knowledge of those things, too, but it’s probably more of a narrative necessity than anything else.

      I don’t think Sayid’s coming back. That dude is crazy wicked evil.

  3. Dylan says:

    This was another good episode. Like you said, the scene with Jin looking at pictures of Ji Yeon was great and I thought Jack and Sun’s fireside chat was great too. But a lot of things really annoyed me about this episode though. I loved Sun in seasons 1-4, but in season 5 my friends and I joked that she couldn’t say any sentance that didn’t involve the words, “my husband.” “Do you know where my husband is?” “I just want to find my husband.”
    “Hey Sun? What do you want to eat for dinner?”
    “I just want to find my husband.”
    “Hey Sun, do you know where I left my water bottle?”
    “No, do you know where my husband is?”

    This was like a whole episode of “where’s my husband” quotes rolled into one. Sun’s on-island story didn’t really go anywhere. She got chased by Flocke, forgot English (what is the point of that?) and then got angry that people weren’t looking for her husband, and finally decided to trust Jack. The flash-sideways was really predictable. The idea that Sun and Jin weren’t married was surprising, but other than that and Sun getting shot, everything went exactly as I figured.

    The FLocke vs. Widmore stuff was interesting, except that it didn’t really go anywhere either. And Desmond being the package was predictable too. I guess us Lost fans are just getting too smart. This worked well as a set-up episode, and it was an enjoyable hour of television, but it was one of my least favorite episodes of the season.

    • Jason says:

      Wow. Sounds like somebody is becoming Mr. Dylan-in-Black.

      Sorry. Couldn’t resist.

      Yeah, all the husband talk reminds me of Michael and all his “Waaaaalllllltttttt!” references. Not the best dialogue.

      According to Lindelofs Twitter feed, next weeks episode will “change the conversation” whatever that means.

  4. Tara says:

    Didn’t Keamy make a reference, as he was taping Jin at the restaurant, about Jin being on the island? Or did I imagine that?

  5. Tara says:

    Also, I keep hoping that Sayid is in shock over all the trauma he’s endured. I always had faith that he was a good guy.

    And yes, the red V was quite annoying.

  6. lanewidick says:

    Did you read what Jensen wrote on how he thought the whole “English” problem was related to the Tower of Babel, and that Locke put the voodoo magic on Sun? I thought that was interesting.

  7. Brandon says:

    This was an obvious let down from last week because so much was answered about Richard. But we know the “who” is Desmond, shown at the end, and that he is able to help control or keep MIB on the island. Maybe this has something to do with him controlling the hatch. Maybe Desmond is some kind of Island creation? I do not recall ever really seeing his background. Looks like Jacob is out teaming MIB with Widmore and Richard. But you have to kill MIB by certain criteria and that to us has yet to be laid out. I would like to know more about this Lighthouse. Also one of my favorite moments of this episode was after Sun had her Korean tirade which no one understood (Richard should have learned a few languages over that 150 years) Hurley says, “I don’t think she wants to come.”

  8. Jason says:

    Good point about Desmond; it seems that Widmore knows that he holds the key to the end game here. And now that I think about it, we’ve never seen a backstory on Desmond, at least going back before his monastery days & military involvement. I’m guessing that since the rules don’t apply to him, that he’ll be the one to help bridge the gap between the sideways world and the Island world.

  9. Lucy says:

    So I don’t watch Lost but was scanning your blog and saw “Liz Lemon girl”…that’s funny. I’m curious…if Lost has Liz Lemon, then I might start watching! Hope you guys are doing well!

  10. Jason says:

    LOST has it’s own version of Liz Lemon…but she’s WAAAYYY less funny.

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