LOST Season Six: The Last Recruit

I have a feeling that some fans aren’t going to care a whole lot for this episode. After we watched it, I believe Sunny’s words for it were “hodge-podge”. “The Last Recruit” will probably be quickly labeled as a “set up” episode where all the major pieces are put in place for the episodes to come. But personally, I loved this episode. After slowly getting used to the Sideways world and the character-centric episodes that have carried the narrative thus far, it was nice to see all the divergent streams starting to come together. Plus, we finally got the Sun / Jin reunion I’ve been waiting for. So I rate this is a really good — but not great — episode.

Right out of the chute, we pick up where we left off in Locke’s camp. Jack and Locke step aside for a convo and we’re instantly given an answer to a mystery dating back to Season One: Christian’s identity. Locke confesses to taking on Christian’s form before trying to convince Jack of the importance of leaving the Island. But as we’re starting to see, Jack doesn’t have any intention of leaving. He believes his fate is linked to the Island somehow.

Jack and Claire’s reunion moment — though not as emotional as Sun and Jin’s — has been a long time coming. Claire got a lot more play in this episode than I would’ve liked, but she is shaping up to be pretty integral to the story, so it’s understandable. Claire reminded us, though, of the whole “Don’t let him speak first or else it’s all over” thing that’s permeated this season. Claire tells Jack that he’s “with” Locke now, based on this whole talking-thing. I don’t get it (nor do I understand why all of them MUST travel back together) but this is me rolling with it.

In the Sideways world, the paramedic says that Locke’s wheelchair saved his life, a fitting parallel to the Island reality, where Locke’s wheelchair actually keeps him from living as he was meant to live. And what was up with Sideways Sun flipping her lid when she saw Sideways Locke being ushered in the ER alongside her? “It’s him! It’s him!” Is she remembering him as John Locke or as MIB?

Some of the Sideways scenes didn’t really work for me. Sawyer’s interaction with Kate seemed REALLY forced; the dialogue was weak and the whole premise (the cop hitting on the inmate) was just too out there. I know, I know…it’s a sci-fi show about time travel and destiny and blowing up hydrogen bombs. But I also wasn’t a big fan of the Desmond / Claire exchange. Again, Sideways Claire was willing to get back in the cab with Kate, who had just kicked her out of the cab at gunpoint, so I guess it’s not out of the realm of possibility for Claire to accept the kindness of Desmond the super stalker.

The most maddening part about this episode for me is that we didn’t get another scene in the Desmond / Sayid showdown at the well. Did Sayid do the deed? (I seriously doubt it.) If not, then what happened? And if he didn’t, is this proof that redemption might still be possible for him? As Hurley said, you can always bring people back from the dark side.

The best part of the episode: Jack. He’s been a much-maligned protagonist, and yeah, there have been times when he’s been a bit spineless. But this is the most clear eyed Jack has been in quite some time. I love his depth of conviction that the Island wasn’t done with him, prompting him to jump ship in the sacrificial manner that paralleled Sawyer’s jump off the chopper in Season 4. But I also loved his humility; deferring to Hurley before talking privately with Locke; apologizing to Sawyer for Juliet’s death just before he jumped. As I’ve said before, he’s ready to finally realize his destiny on the Island and I’m excited to see the outcome.

Quick hits:

  • I’m thinking Jack’s line to Kate — “We’re all different now.” — is a crucial one.
  • I have a feeling Locke knew that Sawyer would defect. I’m just not buying his “the larger the group, they slower they move” stuff.
  • I loved the cool mirror moment at the end when Jack sees his own reflection and then the reflection of Locke.
  • Was anybody else worried that Claire was going to shoot Kate on the dock of the boat?
  • I wonder if MIB is telling the truth when he tells Sun that he didn’t do anything to take away her voice. Maybe that was a consequence of her own choice? I don’t have all of this figured out yet.
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5 Responses to LOST Season Six: The Last Recruit

  1. Lane Widick says:

    I agree with so much that you said, that it would be simplest just to say “ditto”, and move on, but I will add my 2 cents worth, which in this economy, isn’t a lot.

    I feel like Sayid may play out to be pretty crucial to something. We may learn of redemptive powers through his story. Hurley commenting about the dark side isn’t coincidence.

    I believe Jack knows how valuable he is to “Locke” now. MIB can’t kill Jack, and Jack knows it. He will use this to his advantage. After a season of pretty dull Jack moments, I’m stoked we’re seeing him with some drive again.

    This was definitely a mix of all different angles. The one I’m interested in is why did Widmore change his mind about Sawyer?

    And I definitely had a tense moment when Claire was pointing the gun at Kate. After last week’s explosive moment with Ilana, anything is possible.

  2. Jon Ross says:

    I think Whidmore’s mind changes when the crucial passengers show up because he probably sees it as an opportunity to have the upper hand against Locke. My guess is Whidmore somehow knows that these passengers are the ones Locke needs. The same idea Jack talked to Sawyer about. I think Whidmore will lock them up as hostages and either use them to further aid his bargain for Desmond back or he’ll use them to keep Locke from having complete power over him.

    And I’m not convinced that Locke was telling the truth when he talked to Desmond about what Whidmore planned to use Desmond for -when he told him he was there to make money off the electro magnetism. I also wonder how the electro magnetism is going to come into play, why there are pockets of electro magnetism on the island, and do the pylons use that energy?

    I’m very torn between believing if Locke knew they were going to break away from him, but I’m leaning towards he didn’t know since the others had to break off from the main group when Locke unforesee-ably had to go and look for Sayid.

  3. Jenny says:

    Help me remember….where was Richard supposed to be during this episode? Did he wander off alone somewhere?

    • Jason says:

      Richard, Ben, and Miles were last seen leaving Jack, Hurley, Frank, and Sun near the Black Rock. Supposedly, they are on their way to Hydra Island to blow up the airplane.

  4. Dylan says:

    I agree, Jack has been awesome these past several episodes and is back to my #1 favorite character. The scene with him and Sawyer was unbelievable. I really liked a lot of the little nuances from Josh Holloway, like when he choked up seeing Jin and Sun get back together. Things seem to be moving pretty quickly now. I have a feeling it’s not going to slow down any time soon.

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