Where You Been?

So, things have been kinda quiet around the ol’ blog lately.

Even my seemingly unending stream of LOST-related posts has been disrupted.

“Where you been?”, you might be asking.

Busy, it turns out.

A wedding, a retreat, a major surgical procedure by a family member, transporting children here and yon…it all has left little time (or energy) for blogging these past few days. But I’m hoping to get back into my semi-regular habit of writing. Here’s what’s on tap in the days to come:

  • A robust MLB report, complete with my thoughts on Armando Gallaraga’s near-perfect game, the Tampa Bay Rays as the new “model” small market franchise, and why Stephen Strasburg ISN’T the Messiah.
  • A recap of some of my favorite albums of 2010 (so far), including another tireless plug extolling the glory of eMusic.
  • The next installment in my Sermon on the Mount series.
  • An invitation to a free marriage enrichment seminar for those of you who live in the Huntsville area. I’ll have more to say (write?) about that later, but I wanted to go ahead and put it on your radar. Dates are June 27-30 at Mayfair.
  • An essay on why a penny is never JUST a penny. Stay tuned for more.

Anyway, just wanted you to know I’m alive and that the writing juices are still flowing. See you later in the week.

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4 Responses to Where You Been?

  1. Matt Wimberley says:

    Of course Stephen Stasburg isn’t the Messiah. Jason Heyward is.

  2. Jason says:

    I just finished reading my kids the story of Baby Strasburg’s birth before tucking them in bed.

  3. Matt Wimberley says:

    Ok, I know the Pirates can make just about anyone look good, but WOW.

  4. Jason says:

    One road trip to that bandbox in Philly and everybody will shut up.

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