Counting My Blessings

Tonight on Thanksgiving Eve, I’m thankful for a good many things. Lately, when my kids have been complaining about something, I’ve been telling them, “Most people in the world would love to have your life.” And that’s a good dose of perspective for my reflections tonight. I’m so incredibly blessed. Here’s an inexhaustive list:

I’m thankful for a level of provision that most of my fellow brothers and sisters across the world do not enjoy. Far too often, I take for granted a full pantry, a warm bed, and a roof over my head. Father, make me a faithful steward of these material blessings.

I’m also thankful for the quantity of my life. So many good people make up my sphere of influence. I’m especially grateful for the men and women I serve and worship alongside every day. I’m the beneficiary of their constant example and encouragement.

The nearest incarnation of Gospel truth in my life is found in the relationship I share with the four other people under my roof. Joshua, Jackson, Abby Kate and Sunny are conduits of God’s unreserved affection and unconditional love. I’ve done little to merit their devotion, yet they pursue me unrelentingly. Their presence in my life reminds me that I’m worth loving in spite of my many foibles.

All is gift
And grace
And gratitude among beggars
From the fount flowing, the fruit of our lips
Yet quiet still the hallowed halls, the haggard sojourn
Forgotten and dusty
Until grace unbidden dawns
Gift of God

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