After the Storm

Not much been going on here at the blog lately. The reason: north Alabama has been decimated by the worst tornado in state history. I say north Alabama has been decimated because that’s where we live and I’ve seen the carnage with my own two eyes…but really, the entire state has been devastated. And that’s to say nothing of the loss of life in other states as well.

Exactly one week ago, a tornado came through Madison County, destroying homes, damaging property, and claiming lives. Many are still without power. Those are the lucky ones. Many more wake up every day to an unending nightmare — debris covering what used to be living spaces; wedding photos strewn across the lawn; cars overturned; trees on the ground. And, worst of all, in some places, bodies continue to be found.

Thankfully, the people of God are responding en masse. Relief efforts have been underway since last Thursday and will continue for a long time. Our church has partnered with several others to provide clothing, food, Bibles, and comfort to those who have been impacted, primarily in the Harvest / Monrovia area. This work will continue for quite some time. If you’d like to help, you can contact the Mayfair church of Christ at 256.881.4651 and ask for me. Or you can send your checks to Mayfair Church of Christ Disaster Relief Ministry, 1095 Carl T. Jones Dr., Huntsville, AL 35802. Please be sure to mark your check for “Disaster Relief”.

It’s going to take a long time for our people to recover. But we move forward, staunch in our belief that God is greater than the storm.

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