After the Storm, Part 2

I wanted to record our experience from last week’s tornado storms. But Sunny has done a great job of recapping those few days from the perspective of our family. As you can see from her post, it was a harrowing couple of days for many in north Alabama. Sadly, the nightmare continues for some — those who continue to work around the clock to repair their homes & property….and those who can do nothing but grieve and mourn the senseless loss of their loved ones.

I’ve seen a lot of things this week that I wish I hadn’t. Today I shook the hand of a Baptist pastor who buried his daughter this week. After one of the storms passed over her home, she ran out to go to her grandmother’s house to check on Granny. She never made it back home. This man’s faithfulness just floored me.

I’ve spent the week with one of our members who lost his father in the storm. This gentleman and his wife died heroically, protecting their grandchildren from the terrible force of Wednesday’s storm. But that does little to salve the wound of pain for this family. When my parents passed away, at least we had a couple of months to prepare ourselves. But with this, the loss is so sudden.

Friday, I drove Sunny and the kids to Nashville to my in-laws house. We felt better about them staying in Nashville, at least until our power came back on here in Huntsville. I only had an hour or two to get them situated before I needed to drive back to Alabama. I decided to turn on the news to finally see some of the images of the tornado damage down in Tuscaloosa. But the only thing on TV Friday morning was the coverage of the Royal Wedding. Channel after channel, nothing but wedding talk. I cannot explain to you the feeling that welled up inside of me as I listened to the media break down the beauty of Kate’s dress and the elegance of the moment and blah blah blah. Something akin to fury just shot through me. I drove through neighborhoods where they’re still digging bodies out and identifying their remains…I’ve heard that the damage in Tuscaloosa is some of the worst our state has ever experienced…and all anybody cares to talk about is some ridiculously irrelevant wedding half a world away.

Thankfully, the members of this community refuse to ignore those in need. Work crews have been on the ground since last Thursday, cutting trees, delivering food, reframing homes, and reaching out to others. I’m so proud to be a part of this community. Plenty of cups of cool water have been distributed in the name of Jesus this week. And this is exactly where He would be, among the forgotten and the overlooked.

God is greater than the storm.

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