Ronald F. Thiemann on the Christian story

Christianity basically claims that the truth about God and the world is to be found in the story of the execution of a political prisoner at the hands of the Romans. This itinerant preacher who now becomes the crucified victim of the state is, nonetheless, declared by Christians to reveal the loving being of God. Moreover, Christians further assert that this crucified man now lives through the resurrecting power of God — that the one who died by crucifixion now lives as exalted Lord of the universe. In its more radical christological traditions, Christianity claims that in the death of Jesus Christ, God engaged in a remarkable exchange, that in Jesus’ death God became a curse for us in order that we might become righteous like God. Even more astounding is that Christians go on to claim that through this extraordinary act of exchange God takes on our fate, the destiny of death, and transforms it into life everlasting in God’s own presence.

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