Dr. John Rosemond at Mayfair Church of Christ

Nationally syndicated columnist and parenting authority, Dr. John K. Rosemond. Aug. 19-20, Mayfair Church of Christ

The Mayfair Church of Christ is proud to host nationally acclaimed parenting authority Dr. John Rosemond August 19-20 for a FREE parenting seminar. For all the details, visit www.mayfair.org

John has a Masters Degree in Community Psychology and spent 10 years in private practice as a family psychologist in Illinois, Iowa, and North Carolina. He began writing his newspaper column in 1976 and is now syndicated in approximately 225 newspapers nationwide, reaching more than 10 million readers weekly. John has authored several bestsellers, including A Family of Value; Making the Terrible Twos Terrific!; Teen-Proofing; and Parenting by the Book. In addition to speaking and writing, Rosemond is the Director of the Center for Affirmative Parenting, a national parenting resource center in Gastonia, North Carolina.

Rosemond is known for his traditional, Bible based parenting philosophy. He advocates a return to what he calls “Grandma’s wisdom” — insights drawn from our elders, who raised children with a sensible and effective mixture of biblical wisdom and common sense. John is a dynamic communicator, giving more than 200 presentations a year to parent, teacher, and helping-professional groups nationwide. His talks and workshops receive consistently superlative ratings across the board. John’s sound advice, quick wit, and engaging style make him one of America’s busiest and most popular speakers in the parenting field.

John and his wife, Willie, have been happily married for 40 years. They are parents to two children, Eric and Amy, and grandparents of seven.

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3 Responses to Dr. John Rosemond at Mayfair Church of Christ

  1. I love his books. Great teacher.

  2. katey says:

    Besides sharing great parenting advice, he is highly entertaining! Love to hear his lectures!

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