THE Question

I love questions. I can remember the exasperated look on my mother’s face as she patiently fielded my inquisitiveness as a child. Now, as father to two curious first-graders and a quick-minded four-year old, I’m constantly being asked “How do you spell ________?” or “What does ________ mean?” or, best of all, “Why?”

Somewhere in heaven, my mother smiles. Circle of life.

I still find myself asking questions. Lots of questions. My work as a minister puts me in a unique position to ask people questions about their faith, their fears, their marriages, their dreams. Of course, it also puts me in a position to ask questions of the text, seeking meaning and truth and answers for our community of believers. And then there are my own questions: theology, theodicy, textual criticism, the enormity of the universe and the smallness of humanity. I could go on and on.

But I’ve found one question that stands out from the pack. I’d even go so far as to say it’s the most self-reflective question we can ask ourselves, which makes it the best question of all-time.

What is God doing in my life?

What is God doing?” is a good enough question on it’s own. And there are a lot of variations on this question, detours and branches that veer into areas of specificity that are helpful for our consideration. What is God doing in the world? What is God doing in Africa? What is God doing in America? What is God doing about poverty? What is God doing for the downtrodden? What is God doing to eradicate evil? What is God doing for the forgotten? What is God doing to make much of the name of Jesus?

But we all return to the most personal question of all: What is God doing in my life?

To some of you, I know that sounds a bit like narcissism. And maybe that’s fair. But we also have to allow ourselves permission to ask the self-reflective questions that are warranted by the spiritual life. This is part of counting the cost, of loving the Lord with all of one’s mind. I think it’s the only way we receive “eyes to see, ears to hear.”

It’s the kind of question we need to be asking ourselves and those around us.

What is God up to?

What is He doing in my life?

May you find hidden joy as He reveals to you the answer to the most important question you could ask today.



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