For years, I’ve lamented the fact that MLB Network has been unavailable on Dish. Thanks to an exclusive contract with DirectTV, this channel — complete with out of market games, nonstop baseball coverage, and tons of exclusive content — was inaccessible to me, except for the rare times I could find it on the treadmill television at the gym.

You have to understand, I’m the core demographic for MLB Network. I absolutely eat, drink, sleep, and breathe baseball. I go to at least 4 or 5 games a year. I have the MLB At Bat app for both iPhone AND iPad. I still contend RBI Baseball is the most perfect video game ever created. Best of all, my wife is just as much a fan as I am: she’s been known to willfully watch ball games on tv even when I’m not there. All this is to say…if any household in America should have MLB Network, it’s us.

So imagine my surprise today when I get a text out of the blue from a friend who tells me he’s just heard Dish and MLB Network have worked out a deal to make the channel available immediately, just in time for the final month of the season.

That means I’m watching the final inning of the Giants / Dbacks game as I type this.

That means things are looking up at the Bybee house.

As the rest of the country turns their attention to NCAA football — with it’s ridiculously important “preseason” rankings and maddening inability to create a playoff system to declare a true champion — as for me and my house, we will be enjoying the rich and subtle nuances of September and October baseball. In HD.


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