Read through the New Testament in 2012

It’s the time of year that most of us are making some kind of New Year’s resolution: maybe it’s an exercise-related goal or a weight loss goal. A lot of people also get serious about their Bible reading as the calendar changes. Unfortunately, we usually start off like gangbusters in Genesis only to hit a wall with Exodus, Leviticus and Numbers. By February, our resolution to read the Bible through in a year is often collecting dust…along with that gym membership card. Now, I love the Old Testament as much as the next guy. But it is somewhat arbitrary to attempt to read the Bible through in one year. At Mayfair, some of us are committing to a one-year Bible reading plan that focuses on the New Testament, one chapter at a time.

Did you know it takes, on average, 3 minutes 45 seconds to read a chapter in the New Testament? In our time-starved schedules, can we find four minutes to spend reading Scripture, specifically the Gospels and the earliest instructions on following Jesus? The good folks over at YouVersion have come up with the “Project 3:45” reading plan — a simple, effective way to read the entire New Testament in one year. The plan involves reading one chapter per day five days a week (Monday-Friday) and uses the weekends to catch up if you missed any days. By reading through the NT a chapter at a time, we can allow the text to form us more fully as we meditate and converse about the text in community.

If you’d like to join us as we read through the New Testament, you can join the conversation on Facebook. Search for the “Mayfair Project 3:45” page; click the “Like” button and you’ll be set to join the discussion as we read along.

I hope you’ll think about reading through the New Testament with us in 2012.

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