John 1

As we study through the New Testament this year, I’ll plan on posting some of my thoughts on what we’re reading. We’re starting the year reading John 1.

I love how John takes such a cosmic, wide-angle approach in his prologue. He frames the Gospel in epic, universal terms, calling to mind “the beginning” of all things from Genesis 1.

I also love how the NLT translates v5: “The light shines in the darkness,
and the darkness can never extinguish it.” (See yesterday’s post.)

What a hope-filled verse! No matter how enveloping the world’s darkness might seem, this present darkness is no match for the enduring Light of God made known to us in Jesus!

Application: Every time we see Andrew in the Bible, he’s bringing people to Jesus. In verses 35-42, he runs to Simon, his brother, and says, “We have found the Messiah!” I love the simplicity of v42: “And he brought him to Jesus.” Something similar happens in the final story in chapter 1: when Nathaniel challenges Philip about the Messiah coming from Nazareth, Philip’s answer is so simple: “Come and see.”

Will you pray today for God to open your eyes to someone around you…someone that you can bring to Jesus in 2012? It might be as simple as inviting someone to join us in this online Bible study. Sometimes, all it takes is for us to simply say, “Come and see.”

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