Titus 2

Reading for Thursday, March 1: Titus 2

I am REALLY late in posting this for today’s reading. My apologies. It’s just been a very busy day.

One of the primary motivations for Paul’s writing is to encourage Titus to be a teacher of “sound doctrine (v1)” as a way of countering the false teachers from the circumcision party who are “upsetting whole families (1.11)” with their deception. It is no surprise, then, when Paul embarks on his discussion of Christian households in this chapter.

The instruction for older men, older women and younger men share one common element: self-control. Reverent behavior is encouraged among these groups. The older men are commanded to maintain steadfastness (hope), faith and love. Older women should not imbibe much drink or gossip while teaching the younger ladies. Slaves — an important part of domestic life in the ancient world — are commanded to be trustworthy, that “the teaching about God our Savior” might be attractive (v10).

“Sound doctrine” never strays from this cardinal truth, found in v11: “For the grace of God that brings salvation has appeared to all men.” Grace seasons the movements of the body of Christ across the spectrum of old & young, slave & free, male & female. This is the hallmark of the Christian community as she waits for her blessed hope, “the glorious appearing of our great God and Savior, Jesus Christ,” (v13).

Until then, like Titus, this is what we teach and live.

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