Acts 18

Reading for Tuesday, May 1: Acts 18

Acts 18 highlights Paul’s continued missionary travels. But I want to focus on the last part of the chapter that deals with Apollos and the correction he receives from Priscilla and Aquilla.

Apollos possesses a knowledge of the Scriptures and a great deal of eloquence, a powerful combination that he uses to bless God’s people. But for all of his fervency, Apollos knows only the baptism of John (v25). Priscilla and Aquilla graciously take Apollos under their wing and provide him with the instruction he lacks. Their example reminds us of Barnabas, the encourager who refuses to give up on Saul and John Mark and all of God’s people. Priscilla and Aquilla reach out to Apollos in a time when it would’ve been easy to leave him to fend for himself, alone in his ignorance. But their presence makes all the difference in Apollos’ life.

Today, I want to quietly give thanks for the many Priscillas and Aquillas who have pulled me aside and graciously offered correction and friendship and encouragement to me in my walk with the Lord. These embodiments of grace have richly blessed me and have made all the difference in my life. We all should be this fortunate.

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2 Responses to Acts 18

  1. JamesBrett says:

    no problem, bybee; anytime. thanks for saying thanks.

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