2 John

Reading for Thursday, May 31: 2 John

John writes this short epistle with many of his favorite themes in mind: the command to love one another, to live in obedience as an extension of this love, and to remain on guard against those influences that would seek to corrupt the simplicity of the Gospel of Jesus. But John addresses his reader with a tender moniker: “To the chosen lady,” (v1). John understands the gracious choice of God as proof of His self-giving love on our behalf. Remember, this is the same disciple who refers to himself only as “the disciple whom Jesus loved.” The idea of being God’s “chosen” has long troubled the people of God. Israel wrestled with their election, believing God had chosen them because they were His favorite, His treasured possession among the nations. Yet, God never intended for Israel to relish this chosen status; instead, His desire was for Israel to be a light to the Gentiles, prompting their understanding of His desire for relationship with them (Isa. 49:6, among other OT texts). Likewise, believers today want to exalt their chosen status as proof of their uber-spirituality. And yet, the Bible is clear: God has made His choice on our behalf in Christ Jesus. Now the choice is ours: will we willfully choose to find life in Christ or will we foolishly seek to find meaning elsewhere?

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