3 John

Reading for Friday, June 1: 3 John

John’s final NT epistle is addressed to an individual, Gaius, a close friend and dear brother to the apostle. John writes to encourage Gaius in his work on behalf of the Gospel. John expresses his pleasure in the good report about Gaius’ health, but more importantly, his continued faithfulness (v2-3). Hospitality emerges as another Kingdom value demonstrated by the covenant community as we assist one another toward our common cause: “We ought therefore to show hospitality to such men that we may work together for the truth,” (v8).

John also writes to condemn the work of Diotrephes, whose malicious behavior is lacking in love. Presumably writing toward the end of his life, John assumes the role of “the elder” (v1), rebuking those who are sowing discord in the Body. This is the work of shepherding, but it is a work that we are all called to participate in (see Jesus in Matt. 18). All of this is rooted in love, the hallmark quality of the Christian church.

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