Fifteen years ago, I made a promise that changed my life.

And fifteen years ago, I received a promise that continues to make me whole.


An anniversary is a way of marking time, a way of measuring the depth to which events continue to shape us. There are the anniversaries that haunt us: the date that a loved one passed away, the day you received your diagnosis or lost your job. These are the tough anniversaries, the days we’d just as soon not reflect on. And then there are the anniversaries that remind us of life’s riches: birthdays, holidays, and the celebration of years of marriage to the one you love most. And these are the anniversaries we relish.

This anniversary reminds me that I am a rich man, indeed. And this richness is measured in the fifteen years I’ve enjoyed with Sunny as my wife.

In some respects, I guess fifteen years is a long time. According to the traditional anniversary gift ledger, the fifteenth year is the last year to be counted this way; after this one, the big ones come in increments of five. (Way to make a guy feel old, Hallmark!) And I suppose fifteen years is long enough to be wholly absorbed in a relationship that defines so much of your identity. I really can’t remember what my life was like before Sunny and I were married. Life with her by my side is all I’ve known — and all I’ve wanted to know — for as far back as I can really remember. For that, I’m thankful.

But then again, fifteen years isn’t nearly long enough to say what’s in my heart for her. Fifteen years isn’t nearly long enough for me to enjoy the life she’s blessed me with. Sunny, I told you I loved you when we married and I’m proud to say that those feelings have only continued to grow. I pray for many more years — as much time as the Lord will give me — to be your husband and to grow closer to you.

I love you, Sunny. Happy anniversary.

Fifteen years of blessings (photo taken by Kristen Moore)

Fifteen years of blessings (photo taken by Kristen Moore)

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