Things I Want to Remember, Vol. 29: Andrew McCutchen and Maroon 5

Proud parenting moment: I’m watching the Cardinals / Pirates game tonight and my 11-year old daughter walks into the room and immediately says, “Isn’t that Andrew McCutchen?”

Why, yes. Yes it is, sweetie.

Keep in mind that in years gone by, McCutchen would’ve been easily identified by his long dreadlocks. But that’s not the case in 2015, thanks to Cutch’s new look.

My daughter legitimately knows who Andrew McCutchen is.

We’re doing something right.

Maroon-5-band-facebookNot-so-proud parenting moment: my 11-year old son enters the room humming and singing a song.

I ask him what he’s singing.

He goes, “It’s called ‘Sugar.’ It’s by this band called Maroon 5. Have you ever heard of them?”

Have I ever heard of them?

My 11-year old. Already putting me in the old folks’ home. Putting me out to pasture.

To be fair, Maroon 5 isn’t really my jam. But still. It’s the principle of the thing.

HE asked ME if I had ever heard of a band.



At least I have Andrew McCutchen.

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