One Cool Sis

Tonight we celebrated the new year by hosting my sister and her crew for dinner. We always have a great time and Sunny fixed a great meal. In between dinner and swapping Christmas gifts, we had a special treat. My sister, Tara, transformed into “Dr. S. Method” and treated the kids to a science lesson. (Tara comes from a long line of teachers, following in the footsteps of our mother and grandmother who were both gifted educators.)

Today’s lesson? A dissection of a cow eyeball.

Yep. A cow eyeball.

I have the pictures to prove it.

Despite the looks of panic / disgust, the kids thought this was pretty epic.

A word of explanation is in order. Tara performs these kinds of experiments with her students all the time. The last time the kids were at her house, she offered to let them see the dissection but we ran out of time. Tonight, Tara more than made it up to the Bybee kids.

So here’s to our newest holiday tradition. I’ll bet your sister has never dissected a cow eyeball. Love you, Tara!

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