NFL Playoff Picks: Divisional Round

No posts this week because I was in Honduras visiting some missionary friends. I hope to write more about that soon.

But on the eve of the next round of NFL playoffs, it’s time for our family picks. (As I explained here, this is something of a family tradition.) Based on last week’s selections, here’s the leaderboard:

Jason / Jackson: 4-0

Joshua: 3-1

Sunny: 3-1

Abby Kate: 3-1

My strategy of selecting the team with the better quarterback worked like a charm last week, although I needed help from Blair Walsh, Adam Jones, and Vontaze Burfict to preserve the perfect record.

Aside: Blair Walsh. That poor guy. But at least this story maintains my hope in humanity.

I’m proud of the perfect record, but it was a good week for the entire crew. Only one game separates our whole clan. That makes this week’s picks awfully important.

Kansas City at New England

Abby Kate: New England

Sunny: New England

Joshua: New England

Jason / Jackson: New England

A little bit of gamesmanship here. I really think Kansas City could pull the upset here, but given that I’m in first place a) I get to make my picks after everyone else has made theirs and b) I really don’t have much incentive to go opposite field here. As Herm Edwards would say, “You play to win the game.”

Green Bay at Arizona

Abby Kate: Green Bay

Sunny: Green Bay

Joshua: Arizona

Jason / Jackson: Arizona

I’m thinking Arizona is in good shape for a title run. I know Green Bay really turned it on against Washington last week, so that gives me pause. But I’m choosing the team with the better overall offense (as opposed to the best quarterback). Throw in Arizona’s top five defense and I think they could win it all.

Seattle at Carolina

Abby Kate: Seattle

Sunny: Carolina

Joshua: Carolina

Jason / Jackson: Seattle

Seattle got lucky last week, but don’t expect them to produce back-to-back clunkers on offense. This is a team that scored 36 points on Arizona a couple weeks back. Carolina has had a great season, but the NFC title will go through the West this year.

Pittsburgh at Denver

Abby Kate: Denver

Sunny: Denver

Joshua: Denver

Jason / Jackson: Denver

Without Antonio Brown and with Big Ben banged up, this pick is made much easier. Come on, Peyton. I hope this isn’t the last game of a great career.

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