A Thousand Weeks

Last week I stumbled upon a surprising truth. On a lark, I decided to calculate how long Sunny and I had been married. Of course, I knew we’d been married 19 years, but I wanted to know the exact number of days and weeks. A quick Google search gave me the information I needed: at that precise moment, we had been married 999 weeks. (Not sure what I would’ve done if it had been 666 weeks.) One week later and we’re celebrating a thousand weeks together. I had no idea! When I told her, Sunny was shocked, too! When I think about the age of our children, the number of years we’ve been married feels right. Nineteen years feels right. But to say we’ve been married for a thousand weeks has a different ring to it! But it’s the truth. Truthfully, these thousand weeks have flown by.
  • One thousand Sunday mornings worshipping together.
  • One thousand post-church conversations that begin with, “What do you want for lunch?”
  • One thousand Monday mornings made better by her smile.
  • One thousand Friday nights, spent at the theater or in nice restaurants…to be followed by many more Friday nights spent on the ball field and the drive-thru.
  • One thousands weekends spent talking and laughing.
  • One thousand weeks to be shaped by her goodness and her love.
Sunny, to say I’m grateful for the thousand weeks we’ve shared would be an understatement. You bless my life so richly. Happy one-thousand-week anniversary! I love you!
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2 Responses to A Thousand Weeks

  1. Belinda says:

    That was incredibly sweet. ❤️

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