MLB Playoff Predictions

Sunny and Joshua and I are making our playoff predictions for this crazy MLB postseason. Here we go:

Astros vs. Twins: We all picked the Twins

White Sox vs. A’s: Joshua, White Sox; Sunny and Jason, A’s

Jays vs. Rays: We all picked the Rays

Yankees vs. Indians: Sunny, Indians; Joshua and Jason, Yankees

Brewers vs. Dodgers: We all picked the Dodgers

Cardinals vs. Padres: Sunny, Cardinals; Joshua and Jason, Padres (but of course, we hope we’re wrong)

Braves vs. Reds: Sunny, Braves; Joshua and Jason, Reds

Marlins vs. Cubs: Joshua, Marlins; Jason and Sunny, Cubs

Even though this postseason is going to be super weird, I’m looking forward to it.

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