MLB Playoff Predictions Round 2

Based on our first round predictions, here are the “standings” so far:

  1. Jason and Joshua, 5-3
  2. Sunny, 4-4

So Round Two predictions are as follows:

Astros vs. A’s: We’re all taking the A’s. Just can’t see the sub-.500 Astros winning another series.

Yankees vs. Rays: Sunny and Jason take the Rays while Joshua is picking the Yankees. I think this Yankee team is a lot better than most people seem to realize. And they’re relatively healthy right now. I like the upset pick, but I’m sticking with the Rays and their dominant pitching staff.

Braves vs. Marlins: Joshua takes the Marlins; Sunny and Jason are choosing the Braves. As much as I like his Yankees pick, I have no idea what Joshua is thinking on this one. I expect the Braves to roll.

Dodgers vs. Padres: We’re all taking the Dodgers.

Can’t wait for the second round to start today!

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