2022 NFL Playoffs Picks: Wild Card Week

Every year, Sunny and Joshua and I make picks throughout the NFL playoffs. It’s a fun little family challenge and it always gives us a rooting interest in each game. Here are our picks for this week’s supersized wild card week.

Las Vegas Raiders at Cincinnati Bengals

I think this could could be a really fun game with two gunslinging quarterbacks. I think Joe Burrow is an emerging elite-level quarterback. All three of us like the Bengals to end their playoff losing streak in this matchup.

New England Patriots at Buffalo Bills

I think the “feels like” temperature is supposed to be something like 11 degrees in this one. The last time these two played in conditions like that, the Patriots ran the ball to victory. But since that game, the Bills are 4-1, a mark that includes a victory over those same Patriots a month ago. It’s hard to pick against Belichick but I like Buffalo at home in this one. Joshua is taking the Bills, too; Sunny has New England winning on the road.

Philadelphia Eagles at Tampa Bay Bucs

The first game on Sunday is probably the least interesting matchup of the six games this weekend. This expanded format inevitably leads to a few mediocre teams making cut and the 9-8 Eagles certainly fit the bill. All three of us have Tom Brady’s Bucs winning this home playoff game.

San Francisco 49ers at Dallas Cowboys

This could be the best game of the weekend. What a matchup! All three of us are taking Dallas (that defense) but it wouldn’t surprise me at all if the 49ers pulled the upset here. I can’t wait to see this game.

Pittsburgh Steelers at Kansas City Chiefs

Every Bybee believes the Chiefs will roll.

Arizona Cardinals at Los Angeles Rams

The Monday night game is a doozy. Which Cardinals team will show up for Kliff Kingsbury? Will the Rams “all in” play for this year pay dividends? This is another game that could probably go either way. Sunny’s taking the Cardinals while Joshua and I like the Rams.

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